How I Pissed Off Thousands of People at Once

A couple of days ago I published this article, detailing some thoughts I had on fighting games, the response was so overwhelmingly negative that I wrote a follow-up piece, again the response was, frosty at best. The end result was that I pretty much blew up the site hosting them. No, really, here’s the view counter for the month leading up to that day.


That single article matched the entire sites views in a single day and resulted in huge number of comments and backlash. Which is why this article is on my own, personal site. I wrote that article, so I’ll bear the brunt of the blame, is a new venture started by a good friend of mine, it doesn’t need that kind of shitty publicity, not yet anyway. In response to the many, many comments I’ve got, here’s my honest response.

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Doing Somebody a Favour.

Today marks an important day on the American calendar, election day! And as a Brit I fully respect both sides and their respective candidate. One person though, didn’t share this feeling and felt moved to delete me on Facebook because I was friends with people who supported both Obama and Romney. Now I promised myself that I’d never use my site again to publically out someone for being a dick to me, luckily, this guy was a dick to one of my female friends. So I’m perfectly free to write about him here. Science!

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Secret identity.

Now my last name is rather unusual. It’s not uncommon, but it is one I’m sure most people won’t have seen or heard before, also I’m fully aware of the humorous connotations Smallwood has (penis ones). Below is an exchange with someone who refused to believe it was my actual name.

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Download overload.

Like everyone reading this, I have an internet connection, this internet connection is shared by 10 people, so yeah I got the one that advertised itself with an unlimited download limit and only that. For some reason though saying you don’t want to be contacted, doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t still get snarky messages asking what you’re up to if for some reason your usage spikes. Then again, nothing says I have to give them a proper answer.

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