How I Pissed Off Thousands of People at Once

A couple of days ago I published this article, detailing some thoughts I had on fighting games, the response was so overwhelmingly negative that I wrote a follow-up piece, again the response was, frosty at best. The end result was that I pretty much blew up the site hosting them. No, really, here’s the view counter for the month leading up to that day.


That single article matched the entire sites views in a single day and resulted in huge number of comments and backlash. Which is why this article is on my own, personal site. I wrote that article, so I’ll bear the brunt of the blame, is a new venture started by a good friend of mine, it doesn’t need that kind of shitty publicity, not yet anyway. In response to the many, many comments I’ve got, here’s my honest response.

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Call yourself a man?

A few weeks ago I published this article, in it I briefly discussed mens rights, however I mostly discussed a really stupid guy who thought saying things like “i also treat girls like objects, though most attractive girls don’t seem to mind” in an actual public forum would net him something other than virtual kidney punches.

It seems though, that I know nothing about mens rights and one lone hero out there wanted to enlighten me.

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Cracked Sneak Peek.

I normally post content that never made it into the various Cracked articles I’ve written, mostly to let people see things that otherwise, would never see the light of day. However, I’ve since realised that most people who find this site, do so because of Cracked. So for those people, here’s a sneak peek at something I’m currently in the middle of writing. It’s on insane things you won’t believe people can do with copyright. Enjoy.

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