Welcome To The New Internet Adventures Site

At the time of writing this blog post, I’m supporting myself fully with the freelance writing I do online. This website will now be a central hub for all of the work I do around the web which you can find by clicking the various links around this page. For the most part this site will be a collection of all the stuff I’ve done in the past with links to the work I’m doing moving forward. I’ve left my blog’s original archives up for anyone feeling nostalgic.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported my work over the years, this change of direction simply means that I have, for the moment, made it.

Thanks for reading, Karl.


I Have a New Website now, Go Read That Instead of This

Even though I haven’t updated this site in months I still get comments, a sizeable chunk of views and even the occasional email about my content. Which I guess I should be proud of since it suggests what I wrote was at least interesting. However since I have no real plans to ever go back to updating this site on a regular basis I wanted to invite people viewing this website to visit FactFiend.com. The new website I will be working on for the forseeable future, on which I will be dropping a bombtastic new fact every single day. Like this one for example, which will continue to beĀ  the reason my autobiography will be called “Fuck cats”.

Cat Continue reading

“Pics of bugs and facts”, an article by my 9 year old sister

A few hours ago I got off the train and headed home to see my family, when I got through the door my sister hurriedly booted up her own, tiny little, butterfly covered computer to show me something. An article she’d written. Not for homework, but for fun. Yes, my little sister sat down and created researched an article on fun facts about bugs because she wanted to share how cool they are with me. Continue reading

The Video That Sums Up What’s Wrong With The Internet.

I’ve decided to post this here, because it’s something I feel strongly about because it involves two things I’m familiar with, video games and asshole customers. A few days ago at a midnight release of GTA V, some dipshit in the states tried to buy the game with a business card instead of ID. When the cashier gave him a huge “are-you-fucking-retarded” look and told him that he needed valid ID, he flipped his lid like an adult.

Yelling at this lady will show her I' old enough to play GTA V!

Yelling at this lady will show her I’m old enough to play GTA V!

Here’s why this video pretty much sums up everything wrong with the internet. Continue reading

The Best Story You’re Likely Going to Read About Daniel Radcliffe

I love Daniel Radcliffe, that guy is a total legend, he could probably walk into my room and flip out his dong and all I’d do would be to ask him to be gentle. He’s that awesome. The thing is, I only think he’s awesome for one reason, how he fucked with the paparazzi, or to give them their proper name, the raging fuckwads of the entertainment world.

Using the word "fuckwads" near a picture of Daniel Radcliffe is one of the hardest things I've ever done.

Using the word “fuckwads” near a picture of Daniel Radcliffe is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

You see for 6 months Daniel wore the same outfit every day, unlike when the rest of us do that however, people still wanted to be near Daniel, most notably the paparazzi following him around. However, it quickly became apparent that this was fruitless, since whenever a paparazzi went to sell a photo of Radcliffe they were informed that the published already had like 80 other photos of him in the exact same outfit.

Meaning yes, Daniel Radcliffe once got paparazzi to leave him alone by literally doing nothing. And people say he isn’t magic.

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And You Thought Today’s Athletes Were Dicks?

Modern athletes have a reason to feel superior to us normal, not-able-to-punch-through-a-human-ribcage folk, mainly because they can punch through a human ribcage. And when you have the ability to do that, you’re allowed to walk around like you have the biggest dick in the room, even if you don’t.

However, I’d like to introduce you to Porphyrios, a Roman charioteer who walked into a synagogue and stabbed people at random, just because he could. He then walked out and was promptly arrested. Oh now wait, no one did shit, because when you’re a boss chariot racer people just have to let you be an asshole. There you have it folks, famous/powerful people being dicks isn’t a new thing, they’ve always been like that. The only difference is, hundreds of years ago they’d straight up stab you in the gut if they felt like it. Progress!

Pictured a charioteer and his stabbing knife, Lionel.

Pictured a charioteer and his stabbing knife, Lionel.

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I’m fairly certain Liam Neeson was conceived at this exact moment

I have a huge man crush on Liam Neeson, ever since I saw I saw his wedding video (released worldwide as “Taken”) I’ve dedicated my life to letting people know how badass he is.

Which is why I felt I should share the moment his life was first brought into this world. The moment in World War 1 when Russian and German soldiers held a temporary truce to shoot a bunch of wolves in the face. I don’t care if the dates don’t match up or that Liam Neeson would have simply punched the wolves out of existence, I refuse to believe the time a group of heavily armed men with foreign accents fought a bunch of giant angry wolves wasn’t related to Liam Neeson in some way. It just had to be.

It's always hard for me to find pictures of Liam Neeson because I always hug the screen when I see them.

It’s always hard for me to find pictures of Liam Neeson because I always hug the screen when I see them.

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This is Why I Don’t Make Fun of French People Anymore

Making fun of the French is like having sex with an ex, easy, but ultimately unsatisfying because it requires no real effort or originality on your part. You just have to do exactly what other people before you have done before, only a little better so everyone involved at least knows you’re trying.

Writing about Apollon the Mighty made me forget the shit out of every French stereotype I’ve been told, mainly through the sheer manliness that rippled off of the page as I wrote about him. This man once punched his way out of a prison cell and survived having his arm ripped out of its socket by a car, then continued to punch his way out of prison cells to entertain people. Because fuck iron bars apparently.

He was so manly and French, he reportedly smoked using his fucking eyeballs.

He was so manly and so French, he reportedly smoked using his fucking eyeballs.


Check the article out, here.