Share and share alike.

Today I was published.

You may notice my name isn’t the only one up there. That’s because I love working with other people, plus it makes it so much fucking easier to earn money. No seriously like so much easier, you know how much time that took me? 40 minutes, it earned me 50 pounds. If I was working in an actual job that payed that much I’d be earning 100 grand a year.

Or approximately 5 gold bars.

Solid gold bars aside, that money went to a good cause. This is where you’re expecting me to say “HAHA it went on McDonald’s and hookers, or McDonald hookers the dirtiest hookers of all”. No the money is doing what all the money I earn from cracked does, it’s sitting in my PayPal account. To date I’ve bought one thing with that money, a guitar. The rest of it goes to various charities.

I’m not trying to score any favors here, the money is money I never technically had so it’s doesn’t affect me whether I spend it or not. The second I need that shit, I’ll spend it, until then it’s going to chill in my account helping out various people who need it more than me.

Pictured: Me.


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