Make words, acquire profit.

I broke my weekly update rule and believe me I totally kicked my own ass for that one. I have a good reason though, MONEY! Sweet, sweet money.

I’ve been offered the chance to contribute to an Ebook, Ebooks as I understand are books that you can’t touch or hold but you can look at, so they’re a lot like my girlfriends breasts.

The book is for my good friend Dennis Hong, who runs this blog. He’s also a handsome motherfucker, which definitely helped sway me into writing in his book.

I have no idea if Dennis would like me to post a picture of him, so instead here is a picture of a rabbit I saw that looks like Rorschach from Watchmen.

I’m betting the rabbit is way more impressive than the fact I’ll be in an Ebook, which I’m totally OK with because I fucking love that rabbit.


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