Lyrics from a Falloutboy song.

The above title is a cleverly worded snipe at the tendency of those in a relationship to post soppy song lyrics describing each other on Facebook. Also it’s because I like Falloutboy, like a lot.

If you’ve ever seen my Facebook, it’s random things I think people will think are funny and pictures of rabbits, (see the post below for examples). Anyone viewing it would have no idea that I had a girlfriend or any romantic interests at all. Well I did, and now I don’t. The only people who knew are me, her and the millions of people I expect will read this. Obviously close friends and family knew, but to the outside world I never had a girlfriend.

And that’s how I prefer it to stay, every day I switch on my computer to see couples fawning over each other on Facebook, liking groups that their significant other will know are about them, posting a soppy status and tagging them in it. Sure I have no problem with them doing this, but one thing I notice is that these posts only have one “like” , from the person it’s about. I know your Facebook is personal and you should be able to choose what goes on it, but when only one person from the dozens if not hundreds of people you know likes what you’re doing, the rest of them probably don’t give a shit.

LOL, look you guys I’m riding on a tortoise! how fucking cool am I?

Sure people are obviously happy that you’re happy like I’m sure plenty of my friends would be happy that my wang life was pretty damn good, but it’s not something they would want to see me plastering over Facebook. Being in a relationship is awesome, and breaking up sucks, but the day-to-day activities of being a couple are something that just isn’t interesting.

Ok sure, being surprised with a  trip to Disney land by your sweetheart is pretty cool, I want to hear about that. But I fail to see how anyone would be at all interested in “I love my boyfriend”. What the guy you sleep with and are tagged with in all of your photos, the guy you mention in every post, you love that guy? Shit that’s news to me.

Now I know some people are romantics, that’s fine, Facebook isn’t a good medium for that, if you want to tell your girlfriend she’s awesome, tell her. Does showing it for all of your combined friends to see accomplish something that simply telling the person doesn’t?

That’s why I was happy for my relationship to pass under the Facebook radar, happy for people who were interested to know, but for those who couldn’t care less to continue enjoying what I posted without “Love you baby, you know how you are” clogging the shit out of their news feed.

Instead they got to enjoy this sweet wolf my sister made!

This almost certainly had it’s downsides, she was definitely pissed off when I wouldn’t change my relationship status and it certainly doesn’t do much for your street cred (which I totally have loads of) when according to Facebook your love life looks about as active as a breakdancing contest in an old people’s home.

But that’s the choice I made and I’ll stand by it, at least until I meet that one totally awesome girl, then I’m going to be all up in that shit. The day this blog turns into a bunch of kitten pictures with lovehearts underneath is the day I meet that girl.


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