Well that’s just fabulous.

Let me just start by saying I don’t care what you have in your pants and what you do with it. That’s your business not mine.

I personally enjoy the finer aspects of the female form, but fully understand some people don’t, hey and that’s cool. The other day though I saw this story, about a school choir that weren’t allowed to sing a song by the band Queen, due to the fact the lead singer Freddie Fucking Mercury was gay.

Pictured: Freddie Fucking Mercury’s Moustache!

If you read the story you’ll see only one “concerned” parent felt that the song Bohemian Rhapsody wasn’t appropriate for the schools graduation, just as a quick reminder this is one of the most highly acclaimed songs in modern musical history. Simply because Freddie Fucking Mercury was gay. The weird part is the schools choir had already performed the song before, hell it’s a staple of any good party to play at least one Queen song.

I understand some people are old-fashioned, that homosexuality is something that genuinely makes people uncomfortable or even angry. I just don’t understand why a song sung two decades ago is still able to make these people uncomfortable.

I was then made aware of the many, many adventures of George Fucking Takei. That particular video is him proposing people use the word Takei instead of gay, in response to a bill that would ban the use of the word gay in certain schools. Needless to say I now love George Fucking Takei.

I believe a moustache simply wouldn’t be able to survive the sheer coolness of this face.

This gave me a horribly conflicted feeling, on one hand people seem intent on sweeping the issue briskly under the carpet, on the other George Fucking Takei and others seemed to be tearing up that carpet just as fast. So I’d like to place my support squarely on the side tearing up that carpet. Mainly because it’s an ugly carpet and I’m sure we can find a much better colour that totally goes better with the room.

They have the know how!


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