Not good enough eh?

I have an article for Cracked in the works, below is an example that was cut for not being insane enough. I still think it’s pretty fucking insane though, it’s a list of weird diets that people have lived on.

Charles Domery.

Meat is a funny thing, cook it just right and you’ll end up with a tasty meal capable of causing mouths to water, cook it wrong and you’ll be decorating your home with your intestines for the rest of your life.

So of course stories of people eating raw or uncooked meat often end with the phrase, “died in hospital 2 day later” or “what a fucking idiot”. Charles Domery however was a man with a hunger for raw meat so bad you’d swear he was part

Wait, what?

Charles Domery was a polish soldier around the 18th century, who came to attention of his superiors when they discovered that along with double rations they were giving him, he was spending all his pay on raw meat. His appetite for for meat was so bad he reportedly ate hundreds of cats from the town he was stationed in. When Domery was later captured in Ireland, we find it hard to belive he was sorely missed due to his attempt to eat the recently severed leg of one of his comrades. Yes he actually tried to do that, before crew managed to wrestle it from him and hurl it into the ocean.

The sharks demanded their fill.

Whilst in prison Domery shocked guards by constantly begging for food, which they gave him (they were bad prison guards) this continued until he was eventually eating the rations of 10 men per day. Curious as to the limits of his hunger they began releasing rats into his room for a joke, which of course he ate.

Obviously when superiors caught wind of guards taking advantage him they wanted in on that shit too. Arranging a test of his hunger they sat him down and placed in front of him a plate of raw cow udders, which he ate. Confused they then gave him a plate of raw beef, which again he ate. Now running low on food they placed a box of candles on the table which you guessed it, he fucking ate. All in all he ate almost 7 kilos of raw meat, the kicker being after sleeping off the meal he asked for more food. Without once having gone to the bathroom first.

In fact the only thing ever discovered to make him not want to eat or throw up was boiled or roast meat, this is a man that thought nothing of eating a leg that had only moments before been attached to the body of his friend. And he was brought to vomiting from the thought of eating a nice steak or roast chicken.


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