Breasts are amazing, nuff said.

For an example that focuses on all the beauty of the female form, I was suprised this one was cut from here. Either way, here it is.


A Florida girl about town known as Taylor discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her, now anyone who’s ever been in a relationship knows that this is terrible, heartbreaking news. Following the usual protocol she threw his ass out and changed the locks although that was probably letting him off easy.

So what happened?

Details are a little sketchy but what people are definately able to agree on is that, apparently Taylor’s ex hated her showing her body or acting sexual in anyway whatsoever. Which immediately strikes us a terrible way to want your girlfriend to act, but hey who are we to judge we write dick jokes for a living, you go for it guy who doesn’t want your girlfriend to be naked near you.

You know we could literally be having sex everywhere right now.

Image from here:

As well as having a hole in her heart Taylor was also left with a pretty large dent  in her bank account almost certainly due to the huge pile of designer clothes she’d bought for her asshole boyfriend.

The insane reaction?

Taylor decided to kill two birds with one stone and sell all of his clothes, while posing naked.

Like this sweater, you could totally buy this fucking sweater.

Image from here:

We can only imagine the look on the ex-boyfriends face when he went looking for replacement clothes only to see the exact same ones he was looking for, draped over the naked body of his ex-girlfriend, simultaneously reminding him of two things he was never going to have again.

Two wonderful things.

Image from here:

The clothes sold like cancer curing blowjobs and after the story hit newspapers they sold even better, with thousands of people visiting her ebay page and paying anything upwards of hundreds of dollars over the odds for every single item. Taylor soon began to capitilise and began offering personally signed erotic photos for anyone paying over a certain amount, her profits skyrocketed. For all those of you wanting to buy your own shirt, you can go check out her homepage.

We’re going to buy the shit out of that belt.

Image from here:

Well girls there you have it, if you want to get back at an ex and make thousands of dollars while doing it, sell his shit on ebay while posing in an incredibly seductive manner, which is the closest our lawyers say we’ll ever come to advising you to becoming a stripper.


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