Jesus walks among us.

This was a deleted section from my article on insane acts of defence.

A robber in Florida burst into a cell phone store and stuck a gun directly into the face of the cashier. Now already we kind of don’t like this guy, especially when he only demanded 300 dollars truly an insult to all criminals everywhere.

That’s right, I want a large big mac and some fries, none of that money shit.

Despite this robbers low standards he still needed to be stopped and somebody still needed to save the day, fortunately Jesus did.

What happened?

The cashier currently staring at an armed man and being all that was stood between him and his goal, didn’t flinch. In fact what she did was so much the opposite of flinching they’ll probably have to invent a new word just to describe it. She very calmly told the robber that she wouldn’t be giving him any money and instead began discussing Jesus Christ.

Anyone who has dealt with a Jehovah’s witness will know about their tenacity but holy shit, even putting a gun in one of these peoples faces isn’t enough to shut them up. Not believing what the hell was going on the robber simply gave up. that’s it, no screaming no shooting, he just, gave up.

He apologised to the cashier and revealed that he only had a toy gun, now we don’t buy that, instead it’s much more likely that Jesus himself saw this woman’s devotion and decided to turn the robbers gun into a toy, because he’s fucking Jesus. We have to admit though we’re a little disappointed that he didn’t decide to turn the gun into a swarm of bees but who are we to argue with the son of god.


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