Rationing out the hate.

The hate mail you see me post on this blog is just a small fraction of the garbled mess of emails, PM’s and facebook messages I receive each week. Some times I don’t respond, other times I don’t feel the exchange is worthy to stand alongside the other pieces I display.

Regardless, these little nuggets may not be anything special on their own, but together you’d swear they’re trying to prove it’s possible to become pregnant through anal sex.

I will be taking a different format to my usual posts due to the amount of content I had to sort through, stupid people in red, me in blue.

An email in regards to my appearance.

Lol U luk like a fuking pussy no wonder you hide ur ugly face on the internet

Ah yes, I certainly am hiding on the internet, so well in fact that my name and image are the first things that come up when you type in my name. I’d insult you about your appearance but no images came up when I typed in “retarded fuck buggerer with self esteem issues” So I can only assume you have the appearance and personality of boiled rat shit.


ill kick ur head in dick ed

I’m sure you would, you obviously have your keyboard beaten into submission, so much in fact the punctuation keys seems to have ran in terror from your mighty, sweat covered, never touched a woman hands.


This one is one of many from someone who seems to think my last name is a literal thing regarding my genitals.

HAHAHAHA you have a small wood sucks to be you!

Whoa, how am I considered the comedian, did you come up with that all on your own? Shit son, you’ve got skills. However, I regret to inform you my last name doesn’t reveal intimate details of my anatomy. If you’re really interested in my wang simply view my first feature film. “Smallwood in the big city“.

If last names were literally descriptions of the person it belonged to, you’d almost certainly be a Richard.

I dont get it?

Of course you don’t.

This one was someone trying to tell me I was an idiot, I think anyway.

Ur last article about insect superpowrs was shit as a teacher i am pissed of with u teaching kids spiders are insetcs leave it to the real teachers asshole.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me right?


You’re an educator? You’re seriously telling me you’re in charge of teaching children? You can’t even control your own fucking hands on a plastic keyboard, how the hell do people trust you around the soft skulls of pre teen children.

spelling isnt important dick im a biology teacher.

By biology teacher do you mean janitor?


I’d ask which area you teach in so I can avoid the shit out of it, but I guess I’d easily recognise it when the second I turned up, six fingered children tried to burn me for wearing colours.

If you read this far then like me you’ll want to weep for humanity. I did.


One thought on “Rationing out the hate.

  1. as this is the second time you are referring to pregnancy by anal sex, i thought you’d like to know this little snippet: in the part of Germany i come from (hessen, right in the middle), there’s an insult that alludes to just that: Arschgeburt. translated: ass-birth. i’d be happy to see you use that in one of your replies (if you don’t mind being called a Nazi for it). keep up the good work!

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