Making use of what I have.

I have secretly been compiling email exchanges for the last few months not knowing what to do with them, earlier today I put in motion plans to turn it into an Ebook. Here is a sneak peek at the content.

Hatemail: Several unpublished pieces of my ever popular hate mail, including my finest piece to date.

You Can Bank On It:  An exchange between myself and my bank trying to get a charge reversed.

Born With It: My attempts to become a model for a clothes company.

Wasting Police Time: An exchange with a community support officer who seemed way too pleased to help me.

Money Makes The World Go Round: An exchange with a less than reputable charity more interested in my money than my help.

Customer Dis-service: After finding a hair in my food I attempt to track down the culprit.

Armed And Dangerous: My talks with a claimed martial arts”expert” on receiving lessons.

Drunken Fumblings: I lost my bank card in a night club, I emailed them trying to track it down.

Punch And Judy: Hiring an entertainer is hard, even harder when you’re doing it for welcome home from jail party.

Hard Work: I received a CV through my door, my house not being a place of work I made one up and emailed the lady back, asking here to work for “Smallwood Inc” a pornographic studio.

Housing Problems: Un-published email exchanges with my landlord trying to get them to fix my house.

Let’s Be Friends: An overly nice fan tried to meet up with me, this was my attempts to make them love somebody else.

Room for Rent: In my attempts to find a home for next year someone had an abnormally large amount of rules, I attempted to talk them into letting me break them.

Money Back Offer: I bought a t-shirt I was not satisfied with, this was me letting the company know just what I thought of how bad it was.

Kings Ransom: My exchange with a gentleman who wanted me to write for him, all he wanted me to do was pay him first.


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