Acts of defence too awesome for a movie. (deleted content)

Here is a cut section of my recent article on the above topic. Enjoy.

Real life justice league.The scene is Australia and a thief wants to read some comic books, but doesn’t want to bog himself down with any of that paying for stuff junk, what is a guy to do?

He eventually decided the best course of action would simply to be walk into a store pick up the most expensive book and leave, simple. Hell people have stolen master pieces using this tactic a comic store is a piece of piss compared to that. He could have probably done it dressed a Superman and gotten away with it, which in retrospect should have been what he did instead.

See, Superman steals shit all the time.

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Quickly swiping a book the thief made for the exit, only for his path to be stopped by two Jedi Knights and The Flash, turning around to leave he was then confronted by Spider-man who quickly took the book back and made an arrest.

Turns out the thief had wandered in on the shops annual cosplay day, meaning ironically the guy wearing normal clothes stuck out like a sore thumb in a pair of jeans. We much prefer though that the Spider-man (the stores owner) simply sensed his shop was being robbed and acted on instinct.

The worst part is though, the thief tried to rob the shop on national free comic day. He could have literally picked up anything else in the store and taken it for free but instead has to explain to other people that he would have gotten away with the crime of the century if Spider-man hadn’t been there.

Spider-man is always there!

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6 thoughts on “Acts of defence too awesome for a movie. (deleted content)

  1. Well, that’s Britain for you. Untill recently, you are not allowed to defend yourself, you have to wait for the police, and of course, they are too busy filling out paperwork to attest that they are not arresting criminals on the basis of race, or one of a dozen other criteria.

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