A winner is you, maybe.

Last week I announced that my computer had sadly died, leaving me without the ability to post as I normally would. So I instead gave the ability to create content for my site to you, the audience and I now have a winner. I was sent a lot of emails, I received everything from pictures of boobs to a list of racist words, so yes, the bar was high. However the winner is I feel very deserving, if only because it may result in me getting sued and arrested.

Nick Clegg is one of the leader of my home country, a man in a considerable seat of power, who’s word could literally change how the country is run. He’s also a twat.

To explain, although I know little of politics, it’s safe to say that Nick Clegg and his party the liberal democrats gained a considerable vote from students, when his party promised to totally cut tuition fee’s. I myself voted for Mr Clegg, so like many others was rather annoyed when one of the first acts the new government made was to triple tuition fee’s. I don’t fully understand the circumstances, but then again I don’t understand the intricate workings of making a Nickleback album and I still think it sucks, so I feel I can still dislike Mr Clegg.

So then I was very pleased when one of the entires to my competition was from someone who met Mr Clegg in an interview and managed to snap some rather less than flattering photos of his face. How unflattering?

Wow, I think this is the closest anyone will come to actually capturing the orgasm face of a politician unless my Monica Lewinsky robot theory is actually correct. Then again, it’s unfair to judge someone on one photo right? Surely he doesn’t look like that most of the time, well he probably doesn’t, but those pictures aren’t funny, this one on the other hand.

Believe me, I have tons of these all of which have reduced me to tears, not with laughter, but at the thought that this man runs the country.

All props go to. Chris Bagnall. And Nathaneal Sansam, who will have to fight over their 20 dollar prize, hopefully while taking photos of it.

Next week things go back to normal.


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