For the lulz.

I was recently asked why I feel the need to respond to trolls on my site, below is my answer.

I was asked specifically why it is I feel the need to reply to people who obviously mean me nothing but harm. The phrase, don’t feed the trolls is a common internet adage, I’ve heard from my peers, those who’ve inspired me and the voices in my head that you never respond to these people. Doing so plays right into their calloused, “never touched a woman” hands and gives them exactly what they want, a response, which they no doubt touch themselves to, my answer is that I do it for other people.

If you don’t wish to continue reading, enjoy this cross eyed rat.

I’m often asked why I don’t identify the people who message me, I can see why, if someone tells me to go suck a dick, why wouldn’t I identify that person so everyone can realise they’re an asshole. Well it’s because, like I mentioned above, that’s exactly what they want. If I identify one of the people who messages me, that person can say, “hey everyone, this guy totally printed my messages to him, what a faggy cry baby” by not doing that, people are only able to focus on how stupid the ideas behind that persons argument are and boy are they stupid.

By taking apart the insults and only displaying the flaws and retardation in their arguments and logic, leaving only words on display, I remove every bit of venom and bile that was originally contained therein. What they originally intended as something to hurt me, only serves to entertain others. Every single snigger such exchanges elicit is the exact opposite of what that person originally intended. Even though they feel like they’ve gotten my response, my mind is always on how other people will perceive the conversation, if they don’t react in a way I deem funny, I ignore them. In a way they’re like prostitutes, I use them for what I need, if I don’t get it, I’ll find someone who does. I’d be tempted to compare them to a defanged cobra if that wasn’t a cool as shit animal, I will instead compare them to a skunk with its anal glands removed, they’re ability to cause offense is removed and they in fact only garner pity.

I have only identified a person once, and in truth I regret it, it was childish and stupid albeit hilarious, because seriously, fuck that guy.

His cat, I have no beef with.

A quirk of the online world is that there is a common thread massively in favour of freedom of speech, as long as it doesn’t clash with whatever said person believes. People feel entitled to their opinion, which is awesome, but they also feel that whatever their opinion is people have to listen, which is bullshit. There’s a mentality with some people that their ideas take precedent over others, I’ve said before that the most ignorant, elitist people are aggressively liberal atheist. The kind of people who see nothing wrong with mocking the religion or conservatives, almost blissfully unaware that supporting free speech means people are free to say or believe whatever the fuck they want, without someone posting image macros on facebook insulting their religion. On the flip side of the coin, free speech isn’t a blank check to tell a group of people with a common set of beliefs that differ from your own to collectively go fuck themselves with a brillo pad covered in hot sauce.

The price of living in a world where people are free to express themselves is that we will often come into contact with people who don’t share our opinions. Opinions are like genitals, everyone has them and like with genitals it’s the people who try to force them onto other people who shouldn’t be allowed to interact with others. I’m sure that people will disagree with me, which is great, disagreement breeds discussion which brings about change and compromise.

Which is where I’d now expect to someone to bring up Hitler, it’s the internet and such a comparison is impossible to avoid. Someone, somewhere will read this and say, this guy says everyone can believe what they want, he’s saying it’s ok to be a Nazi, presumably while shaving the palms of their hands. It makes sense, if I’m saying everyone, everywhere is entitled to their own opinion that includes Nazi’s, then again it also includes Christians, Jew’s and fucking Juggalos. It’s often the way of internet denizens to leap to the most extreme example, but in catering to the masses we must accept there will always be a minority. Yes by allowing free speech we allow people to support racism or say homosexuals can’t marry, but we also allow people to say those guys are dicks and challenge their view. Laws are written in response to how the majority of society feels, in time the ideas most of us see as “wrong” will slowly be faded out.

Which is where I get back to my site. The best way to deal with harmful comments or ideas in my eyes is to tear them apart and display their retardedness for the world to see, it’s the same reason this guy is now seen by the majority of society as a joke instead of histories biggest douche.

He also had small girl hands, tee hee.

But at the same time it’s important to be respectful, the other reason I don’t identify people on my site is because in the back of mind I believe people can change and they shouldn’t be marred by a single mistake. By only displaying their words and the idea behind them, people can see how stupid it is to express anger in such a fruitless way and maybe, just maybe they’ll hopefully learn to shut the fuck up and keep their ideas and genitals to themselves.

Then again this could always just be a massive troll on my part.


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