For the love of god.

A few weeks ago I published this, basically explaining why it is I write here. However deep within the recess of the piece someone (as I fully expected) took something I said out of context and thinks I’m a racist, nazi supporting cock bag. Only one of those things is even half true, below is our exchange.

From [redacted]

Subject: For the lulz article.

hello karl.

I used to read your site and thought some of your exchanges although immature were quite funny but your last piece is just plain wrong.

To quote you ” the most ignorant, elitist people are aggressively liberal atheists”

how can you say this there are people out there who think gays should be shot athiests believe that no one should be judged. its religion that makes this world a worse place and its not responcible of you to claim otherwise.


To [redacted]

Subject: For the lulz article.

Hello there.

First things first, it’s always nice to hear from a fan, especially one who doesn’t speak English as their first language. Out of respect for your limited grasp of my native tongue, I’ll keep this simple.

Are you kind of retarded? I mean did you try to scratch your head too hard with your underdeveloped bear claws you call palms?

You have pretty much just summed up everything I meant by that quote. You automatically assume that being atheist is right, and by extension that, that gave you free reign to insult the shit out of religion with your almost offensively simple summation.

I thank you for placing my opinions to higher regard than other people’s, but I urge you to read the piece again, as a piece of comedy and see that I’m lampooning everyone, not just a particular group.


From [redacted]

Subject: For the lulz article.

karl ill have you know im an american citizen and have a better grasp of english than you ever will so dont think you have to simplfy things for me.

to quote you again “by allowing free speech we allow people to support racism or say homosexuals can’t marry”.

your saying its ok for people to say these things freedom of speech means we shouldn’t have to listen to these opinions. thats wrong karl and your openly saying its ok for people to think like this.

Or maybe your just trying to say something about yourself.

To [redacted]

Subject: For the lulz article.

You’re an American, excellent.

If that’s the case I’m free to explain myself using the more academic language I’ve become accustomed to. You wouldn’t believe how annoying it is trying to explain things to people and having them really, REALLY, miss the fucking point.

Right, freedom of speech is one of the most precious liberties we have, it’s also the most misunderstood. Having the ability to express our opinions openly, means every now and again it’s unavoidable we will encounter an opinion we don’t agree with. For example “gays shouldn’t be able to marry” is an opinion, an opinion that I personally do not share, I do however respect the right of a person to believe and express that view, so long as it done in a way that doesn’t encroach on the freedom of others.

Let me explain it this way, I’m entirely within my rights to say “I personally believe you should go suck a dick”, however if I was to actively follow you around screaming incomprehensible slurs while waving my dick at you, I’d be arrested, also crazy. Which is my point, opinions are exactly like dicks, they’re capable of causing no lasting harm unless the person with it wants to force it down people’s throats or wave it around in a public forum.

If you’re truly a fan of freedom of speech then you wouldn’t be saying things like “we shouldn’t have to listen to these opinions” (some asshole 2012). Which is where my original sentiment about liberal atheists came from, you only support freedom of speech if it fits with your perceived view of what constitutes  a “good” thing. You’re no different from people screaming that god hates homosexuals, with the exception that your view is what the majority of society believes, so you get away with it.

From [redacted]

Subject: For the lulz article.

so what your saying karl is that people should be able to spread their hate speech and violence? people should be able to openly attack gay people because you say its ok because its there opinion.

is that what your trying to say?

To [redacted]

Subject: For the lulz article.


From [redacted]

Subject: For the lulz article.

you said people should be able to say that gays cannot marry.

its saved on my computer so i dont know why your trying to deny it.

From [redacted]

Subject: For the lulz article.

No, what you’re doing is selectively reading my responses and simply gleaning words from it and quoting them out of context to try to prove me wrong.

I’d reiterate my point again, but I assume your eyes would simply be drawn to the parts where I mention something about freedom of speech. Do you some sort of disorder where you have a seizure when trying to read? I’m genuinely confused to as just how it is you’re not understanding what I’m trying to say.

So I’ll try a different way.

Everyone is entitled to their own view.

Whether you agree or not is up to you.

Freedom of speech lets us say how we feel.

But others may not respond with the same zeal.

If that’s the case it’s up to law to decide who’s right.

Because that’s the best way to avoid a fight.

If we think the law is wrong, then we can change it.

But remember not everyone will think it’s a perfect fit.

I guess what I’m saying is that not everyone can happy.

But that’s presumably the price of being truly free.

I know you’re going to read any of this.

So this last line doesn’t need to rhyme, go fuck yourself.

In honour of this poster, although he did reply I didn’t fully agree with his views so I’m not going to show them here.


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