Help Karl, win money.

Basically, Internet Adventures the book is done!

Which means among other things I need artwork, which is where everyone reading this comes in, I’m offering a prize fund of 50 dollars for anyone who can produce the most fitting piece of cover artwork. However, if interest in this contest exceeds expectations the prize fund will increase to 75 dollars. Details are below.

What you need to do:

  • Basically create an image that you think best suits the theme of the book. If you’re not familiar with the book, it’s a series of stupid email exchanges between me and people who dislike me. Here’s perhaps the most popular example.
  • The image should be to the usual dimensions, with width being 2/3 the height, for example 1600 x 2400 pixels. It can be smaller, but obviously not too small, since that would be silly. This is deemed standard size for a cover.
  • Artwork can be in any style and of anything you think fits. The judging will done by myself, it’s my book after all. However if the contest for some reason get’s a lot of entries I’ll be opening up the contest judging to other people.
  • Entries can be sent to me via email at

The money!

The basic prize fund sits at 50 dollars now, since it seems like a nice even number. However if the number of entries exceeds my expectation I’ll be opening the judging up to other people and increase the prize fund to 75.

Payment will be made via Paypal, if for some reason you don’t trust me, I guess my word is all you have to go on, that and the fact I have paid someone for content before.

Other than that, I look forward to the entries and hope you’re looking forward to the book. Also I’ve posted this in the Cracked forums, so you can check out what people may have already done, here.


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