Everyone has a day job.

I took a few weeks hiatus, which is my way of saying I moved and had no internet access. During that time I’ve completed yet more of my book, information for which can be found here. However, I wanted to use this week to answer a question that’s been posed to me many times during the last few years, what I actually do for a living.

One question I’ve always been asked in emails is whether or not writing is my full-time job, sadly the answer is no. Although I do want it to be, which is why I’ve made myself as available as possible for any and all writing jobs. However, my day-to-day expenses are paid for by working in a bar.

Work is a subjective term.

My official title is “Bar Back Supervisor” which is a fancy way of saying I clean up after people. When I say this, the most common response is “why don’t you work on the bar?” and my answer is always, I don’t want to. I genuinely like my job, mainly because it pays exactly the same as working on a bar and doesn’t involve any responsibilities beyond, make sure everything is kind of clean and don’t do anything stupid.

Again, a subjective term.

It’s also incredibly easy, to the point I’ve written entire articles in my head while working, got home, wrote and submitted them and then been paid again. Of course a full-time job would be awesome, but then again, a full-time job wouldn’t let me make a fully functioning Angry Birds-esque game mid-shift.

I guess this post, as well as being filler because I’ve not been able to send emails, is also to show that I’m just a regular guy who has to work between creating content for this site and the other places I write for. It’s also to promote my new site that I’m creating right now, “Today I got paid to …” which will basically be a showcase for all the stupid things people do at work, starting with me, because shit, I’m bound to be fired eventually, it may as well entertain others.

Like all the times I mopped a cock into the floor.


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