Expert on the female anatomy.


This post is part of my attempt to revamp internet adventures, for the next few weeks you’ll be seeing things that are slightly different from the emails I normally publish. Today I’m going to show you something taken from my personal Facebook page, because sometimes, stupidity hits closer to home than you expect. By stupidity, I mean mens rights.

I want to preface this piece by saying that the person responsible is no longer my friend, virtual or otherwise and I’m not going to reveal their identity. Because I did that once before on this site and felt kind of bad afterwards, however, since this person had so much to say about how they think it’s ok to treat women as objects, I wanted to show the face of the person quoted. However, I’ve since been convinced that this too was a bad idea, so instead here’s a picture of a pirate horse.

Now this story starts on when Mr Soren Bowie posted this article, within it he talked about mens rights activists, more specifically, the men who use the guise of mens rights to blame women for all of the problems in the world. I found this funny and posted the following.

Now I try to keep Facebook light, if I attack an issue, I’ll do so through ridicule and leave it at that, since I’ve already written about the futility of argument before and know that nothing I post is going to change a persons mind, the thing I want people to focus on is the joke. However I assumed that the kind of people I was insulting with the status were too retarded to use computers, then I saw this reply.

The reply you see below the retarded part is from my good friend Toby, I normally don’t like to argue on Facebook, because, like I said, it’s never going to change someones mind, but I can never say no to Toby and decided to sort it the fuck out. First though, some more pearls of wisdom, guys take notes.

I think that women are inferior to men and ruin the economy, but I’m going to criticise you for not having an open mind.

That’s right guys, women like nice guys, but as we all know being a nice guy means being a doormat, it doesn’t in any way mean that you should be respectful of women and consider their opinion, fuck that noise, just say they’re pretty and parrot their response, they eat that shit right up. If that doesn’t work, be an asshole, or more of an asshole if you happen to follow the first tip.

Also note how he says things like “conventional wisdom” or “In general“, this is a technique known as weasel words, and basically it allows someone to make what they’re saying seem like it’s totally supported by other people, without ever actually saying who. It’s a technique used to strengthen flawed arguments, because when you know you can’t provide actual sources for what you’re saying, you can make it sound like it’s common knowledge. “What, you think women don’t have an agenda against men? Don’t you know most women admit to not liking men? God, keep an open mind“.

But the icing on the cake for me, was this line.

Only society says it’s wrong to treat women badly, and society obviously has a huge vagina.

Believe it or not I recently graduated from university with a 2:1 degree in applied media theory. It’s important to understand that yes, right and wrong are purely social constructs perpetuated throughout society by the media. But that’s not a bad thing, is it a bad thing to think it’s wrong to murder or steal? Shit no it’s not, and was it wrong to think somebody was inferior due to their race? Hell yes, which is why we as a society actively changed the hegemonic structure to put racists as the minority. Saying that somethings only seen wrong because society say so is a completely useless statement, because EVERYTHING we believe is wrong is because society says so, that’s how right and wrong fucking work.

But the part that made me angry is, this is such a common argument for the campaigners of mens rights, they believe society is inherently flawed or skewed to favour women, which is a sentence so retarded to type I’m surprised I didn’t include the words Edward and Bella in it. But I didn’t have time to give anybody a lesson on how ideas are perpetuated, because apparently this guy is ball deep in women, just all the time.

Women love it when I disregard their humanity, you just want my mad vagina skills.

If you’ve ever wondered if I’m as dickish on Facebook as I am in my emails, this was my answer.

And if you’ve ever doubted how stupid and incapable of forming coherent sentences the people who reply to me are, here’s the comment I got back.

Your penis isn’t in a women as you type! That means you’re wrong!

Now I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m not exactly a whizz with the ladies and am currently single, one day I’ll meet a woman who appreciates me for me and as soon as I gain the trust of her seeing eye dog, I’ll make my move. But I figured it was time to let this person see what actual women thought of his attitude and posted a choice excerpt of his opinions on women. The responses were, well, exactly what you’d expect.

I’ll give him one thing, he did try to defend himself quite valiantly.

Emphasis on the word try, because, what followed were a veritable plethora of wordy beatdowns.

Translation: Burn!

Translation: BURN!

You get the idea.

But then came a response that kind of irked me and not just because I’ve seen better use of language in 50 shades of grey fan fiction.

I’ve never touched a womans moist parts, but why should that stop me talking about sex?

That’s right, you don’t need to have had sex or even met a woman to know they’re just inferior, that’s just instinct apparently. Which is kind of a step back from when he said I couldn’t insult him because I wasn’t, at that exact moment nudging a girls world. But this sentence is what made me just delete the guy and let him wallow in his sacks of anime porn and self-pity because I’d guess that this guy was no older than 15/16. I can only use the word guess because the only picture of him I could find showed a skinny teenager with greasy, shoulder length black hair.

Then again, maybe women like that.

Now as mentioned, this post is part of my experiment to find a new style of content for this site, if you’d like to see more of this kind of post or think I’m a dick and should do something else, feel free to let me know on Facebook or comment below.


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