Why Facebook is more depressing than you think.

Facebook is a double-edged sword, only both edges are covered in shit and the handle is a dick. That said, chances are we’re all going to keep using it because it’s awesome and we like looking at pictures of the people we knew in school who got fat. However, by using it, we’re becoming increasingly boring and predictable to the point the average persons Facebook is more one-dimensional and lacking in content than braille porn.

If you logged onto Facebook right now and scrolled down your wall chances are you’d see exactly the same thing as everyone else. Something inflammatory about religion or politics, instagram photos and something George Takei posted. But here’s the thing, people who tend to post one kind of thing, more often than not, tend never to deviate. If you don’t believe me, check your own Facebook and find an example where you’ve posted something completely different.

Wow, Karl’s posted another link to something he wrote, what an asshole.

Now I post a link to my Facebook account at the end of most of the things I write, as a result I’m internet friends with a mass of different people. Which gives me a broadish view of a fairly sizeable chunk of the Facebook user cross-section and I think it’s safe to say, only 40% of people post anything original or worth reading. That may seem a little low, but that’s just extrapolating from the data that 60% of all tweets are completely useless. So that means that half of anything posted has next to no value to other people and considering that only 12% of your friends see what you post in the first place, that means your more likely to see something worth reading on a public bathroom wall.

So that means if you’re one of those people who only posts links to exactly one kind of news story or posts pictures of yourself that look like they were developed in cows piss, you pretty much have a 50% chance that you’re posting shit nobody cares about. Just think about that for a second, 50% of all of the people you have on Facebook and Twitter are stuck in a constant loop of posting things other people don’t care about and chances are, will never realise it. Shit, the last time I saw a statistic that depressing it was accompanied by a picture of a dying African child.

That’s kind of a depressing thought, so here’s a picture of my fish.

Now I’ve already written about how to Facebook like a boss, in which I explained how to game the various algorithms to achieve maximum visibility, then again, I’ve also written about how people never change their mind when told something that contradicts their beliefs, so there’s that. But just for a second think about changing up what you post to your social media accounts, because you may as well flip a coin about whether people care or not.

I now write gaming related content for a new site now called the Knights of Gaming, check it out if that’s your thing.


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