Why Union J Fans Are Dangerous For Music

A few months ago I wrote a piece about why One Direction fans were terrible, shitty people. According to the emails I got from distraught fans, I was totally wrong. So I thought I’d give the same treatment to Union J’s fans. Because screw Union J’s fans.

Now I want to make it clear that I in no way dislike Union J, I don’t care for their music, but it’s not aimed at me, it’s aimed at teenage girls and middle-aged women, like 50 Shades of Grey or breast cancer screenings. I’m obviously not supposed to enjoy or “get” their work. Likewise I have no problem with any member of the band, despite the fact they look like an experiment to create the 4 most punchable faces on earth.

They’re just 4 young guys who have been molded to the ideal fans of their genre would expect, it’s not their fault that ideal involves looking like the kind of guy who fingers your 15 year old daughter in Spanish holiday villages disco. I don’t hold that against them.

However, their fans are just, something else. I’m a big fan of Twitter and every single day for the last month, Union J have been trending either worldwide or across my entire country.

Tea drinking never trends, sadly.

The people behind these tweets are invariably teenage fans of the band, but like with my piece on One Direction, these fans aren’t just stating how much they love the band, they’re actively shutting down any and all criticism of them with petty insults and threats.

Now I don’t agree with King Elf, mainly because I don’t agree with making a blanket inflammatory comment just to incite a reaction or appeal to the counter-culture of people who are so edgy and cool for not watching X-Factor. But as you can see, less than 20 minutes after putting this, a fan of the band found his comment, among thousands of others and insulted him.

Which is why Union J fans are dangerous for music, they’re not supporting the band, they’re just shutting down criticism of them by shouting over anything seen as derogatory or insulting towards them. Which just insinuates that you don’t believe they can truly stand up to legitimate criticism without your defence, which if anything, weakens the image of the group as a band capable of being famous. Since if you need to jump to their aid to rebuff every perceived slight against them, you’re wrapping them in cotton wool and holding them to an unrealistic ideal.

Which as I’ve said before, makes them into unrealistically perfect and hence, really shitty, role models. And shitty role models never deserve to be famous.


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