Friendship is Magic

When it comes to trolling there are two schools of thought.

1. You either ignore the troll and rob them of their audience or …

2. You can display their idiocy for the world to see, giving them an audience, but completely robbing their insult of any potency.

I personally (and rather obviously) prefer the latter, since even if a trolls insult personally gets to me, by mocking them and republishing the results here, the trolls attempts at an insult entertains people instead. And that to me is worth it. Recently, a friend of mine got a whole bunch of shit on Facebook from a guy who disagreed with what something he’d written. Normally I wouldn’t do anything, but then I saw that this guy insulted his girlfriend, so yeah, if people who aren’t involved with this can join in, why couldn’t I? Also, my friend looks like he should be selling expensive knives on late night television, so I couldn’t not do this.

Really expensive knives

Really expensive knives

The friend in question is one Dennis Hong and he is one of the few other men on Earth who can understand the pain of people making penis jokes about your name (D. Hong, Dong! Get it?)

Now Dennis is a real nice guy and like me, has been trying to make it as a writer for several years. Recently he had an article reposted by the Huffington Post which you may notice, is a fucking big deal. The article detailed why Dennis didn’t regret cheating on his ex, an incredibly bold move that took balls so large I’m surprised he could move his hands out of their gravitational pull to type the fucking thing.

Of course, the reason behind this was hugely complicated, but the short version is, neither Dennis or his partner were happy together, cheating gave them a reason to finally end the relationship and both of them remained friends. Whether you agree with this is entirely your opinion, but the whole point of the article was to generate discussion and challenge the idea that cheating is always bad. When Dennis posted it on Facebook, people were keen to reiterate this and congratulate Dennis on his success.


Then, it started. Since being re-posted by one of the biggest sites on the web is kind of a big deal, Dennis wanted to share his success and the post, publicly. Which led to people Dennis had never met calling him a huge dick and then for good measure, called him a coward too. Because a guy willing to expose himself to the fucking internet for honest criticism is someone who is scared of what people will think.


You may wonder why I haven’t blocked out Farrell’s name. Well I’ll get to that in a second.

With Internet Adventures, I have a strict code, I will never publicly draw attention to or mock anyone who just insults me, which is why I remove the names on almost every thing featured on this site. Now Dennis is a fellow writer and as such, he’s openly admitted to me and on other forums that trolls come with the territory, which is why I removed the other guy, Farrell on the other hand insulted Dennis’ girlfriend.

I edited his post for clarity on what he was trying to say.

I edited his post for clarity on what he was trying to say.

Which gives me free rein to out him as an asshole on my site, because fuck him.

Farrell’s main problem with Dennis appeared to be that he had disrespected his girlfriend, he even went as far to ask for her phone number so he could set her up with a real man. Because a guy who insults how a woman looks just to get a reaction out of their boyfriend is sure to know tons of guys who really know how to treat a woman.

He's doing something society says he shouldn't, what a guy?

He’s doing something society says he shouldn’t, what a guy?

You may be thinking, Karl, isn’t this just picking on someone because of how they look? And the answer is yes, this is exactly that. Myself and Dennis know that we are in the public eye and will sometimes have an unpopular opinion that people wish to dispute, it comes with the territory and we’re equipped to deal with that, it’s not ideal, but it’s how it is. Dennis’ girlfriend isn’t, she’s just a girl dating a guy who works with penguins, why should she have to log onto her computer and have some dipshit trying to show how cool he is, insult her? Also, I got these pictures from stuff Farrell published publically and karma is a bitch.

No one should have to deal with that and the hypocrisy annoys me. Farrell is a guy who thinks nothing of proclaiming what a nice a guy he is while tearing down Dennis (a guy who bared one of his dirtiest secrets for the purpose of helping others) while slipping in sly digs about his girlfriend. How is any of that nice? Disagreeing with someone is fine, but when you feel the need to insult people they care about to get a reaction, you’ve crossed a really shitty line and are a really shitty person and internet bloggers will think nothing of drawing cocks on your face.

I based them all on my own.

I based them all on my own.

Farrell can go suck it, the second he insulted Dennis’ girlfriend he proved exactly what kind of man he is, one who will take cheap shots to get cheap laughs from people on the internet he doesn’t know. In a way, we’re kindred spirits, the only difference is, I have a limit. I only insult people who deserve it. So Farrell Lynn, you think Dennis is a tool for being honest about his mistakes and letting people judge him for it, here’s what I think of guys who insult how women look to make themselves feel better.


Next time you want to insult someone. Just insult them, insulting people they care about only makes you look weak and pathetic, which really hurts your case when you’re trying to insult someone for that exact same reason.

Fuck you, Farrell.


3 thoughts on “Friendship is Magic

  1. “In a way, we’re kindred spirits, the only difference is, I have a limit. I only insult people who deserve it.”

    Karl Smallwood, the Dexter Morgan of the writing world.

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