The face of evil.

Last year I wrote this, all about people who were trolling the shit out of a writer I greatly admire. In response I received so much hate mail aimed at insulting my sexual prowess and ability to use my hands to create anything worthwhile that one of my ex-girlfriends orgasmed out of instinct. The key player behind all of that was a single guy, who I swore to myself I’d never out, because he wasn’t worth it. He just became worth it.

The guy goes by the name, Ono Sendai, or if you want the name he claims is his, Randy Ballew. I say claim because he’s spelled it at least 2 different ways since this started, but hey, we’ve all been there, right?

Initially I was a little hesitant to post this, not because it acknowledges Randy’s position in any way, but because he’s made numerous, detailed threats to sue me for reprinting information he himself was happy to admit in open forums. A sentence so retarded it could only be written about him.

Because lawyers love suing people across international lines.

Click to enhance, Star Trek style!

Of course, because lawyers fucking love suing people in foreign countries on behalf of people who are obviously mentally deficient, I wanted to give them a fighting chance. So here’s Randy’s face too.

I have no comment.

I have no comment.

Yep, that up there is the face of a guy who is both an ex tennis pro and an author who has written 3 books that are so popular he no longer needs to work. The same guy who created an entire blog dedicated to harassing a Cracked writer over a single article he didn’t agree with, which also included a post dedicated entirely to me and how ugly I am.

We can't all be bless with Randy's looks.

We can’t all be blessed with Randy’s looks.

The same guy who sent me and senior Cracked editor David Wong an email begging to be allowed to comment on Cracked articles again because the Cracked comment section is where all his friends are, fucking seriously.

Hey lawyers! He gave me permission to write this!

Hey lawyers! He gave me permission to write this!

The same guy who two days after getting his wish of being able to comment again, did exactly the same fucking thing again under a different name because Randy is a guy who believes in people being held accountable for their actions, unless they’re him.


If you’re wondering what the comment was about, John Cheese paid for a chunk of his wedding entirely off of the back of the kindness of stranger. Which of course gave Randy the right to act like an entitled asshole because that’s how charity works, doing somebody a favour out of the kindness of your heart means that, that person owes you one and you can be a dick to them with impunity.

I’m sure he has an excuse for this, or I will have people accuse me of picking on him. I’d like to inform people that I’m not, this post is to raise awareness of a very serious problem that I and all of my writing friends suffer from, people like Randy. People who think that they can say whatever the fuck they want without consequence and that us writers have to take it. People who post nothing but insults and get angry when those comments get deleted. People who assume that taking abuse is part of being a writer. People who think that they have a right to be a dick because of free speech.

The internet is a wonderful tool and constructive criticism is a great thing, it allows creative mediums to improve and evolve. But if you’re going to be a dick online, especially after you’ve been given a second chance. Don’t expect me to not draw a dick on your face. And yes, I know I’ve used that joke before, but you know what, I’ve wasted enough time on this asshole.

The face


5 thoughts on “The face of evil.

  1. I saw this guy commenting under the ‘Ono Sendai’ name on Cracked a bit ago. I already knew he was a butt hurt fuck tard, but, he proved his case ten fold when he was bitching about Cheese in the comments of other, totally unrelated articles.
    I understand that everybody isn’t going to like every writer, and may somehow despise them as a person even though they’ve never actually met them (however that works), but, spamming numerous articles with his delusional claims of being wronged, thinking that he’s rallying the troops to fight his cause, only furthers the notion that he’s a self centered asshole.
    This, coupled with the fact that he created a blog devoted to his ill conceived thoughts of grandeur and his continuing to comment on Cheese’s articles way past the point any sort of rational person who had a real reason to be offended should have got the fuck over it, shows that he’s just too god damn stupid to not read writer’s he doesn’t like.

  2. I don’t know if anyone will ever see this but Randy Ballew is more than just a troll. Look him up when he was on Youtube under Sirkit77 (his account is now banned). Onosendai58 aka Sirkit77 aka Randy Ballew is a mentally insane person who harassed and made sexual advances towards underage teenagers. He has joined multiple forums in the past and he always ends up getting kicked out because he eventually goes insane and insults and harasses the other users. At one point under Sirkit 77 he posted somebody’s home address. This man has some serious mental problems and I encourage you to block him from any community.

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