Comic – Internet Nice Guys.

I’ve recently found that dedicating time to my own site has become increasingly difficult, as writing has quickly started to become my sole source of income, finding time to dedicate to personal projects is becoming increasingly scarce. So I thought I’d try to express my views and opinions in a more succinct way, a way that’s easier to produce, while at the same time being a suitable vehicle for my own brand of humour.

I decided to choose comics, as they’re fairly popular online and infinitely more sharable than any written piece I could produce. Now my drawing skills are pretty lacking, so I tried to best represent the way my own mind works in image form, this is the same mental process I’ll go through before producing any piece you’ll see my name attached to and it’s a subject I’ve wanted to cover in-depth for a while but never had the time.
Internet nice guys.


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Below is a short draft of the full essay I was planning to write on the subject, I never got around to fully fleshing it out, but I thought I may as well post it.

Internet “nice guys” is a topic I’ve wanted to cover for a while now, though it’s a topic that has been rehashed many times, I feel as though there’s one element that is rarely discussed. Mainly that the so-called “douchebags” most nice guys assume women go for are never really given a chance to defend themselves. Not to mention the cripplingly hilarious irony that accompanies a person slinging insults at a person they don’t know while simultaneously claiming to be a nice guy.

The very notion that being a nice guy is a quality that is worthy of praise is so stupidly short-sighted and out of touch with how the world operates my hands can’t actually type those words without making gang signs. Being nice isn’t something that you should feel proud of, the same way you shouldn’t feel proud of not shitting yourself in public, all you’re doing is something society already mandates as fairly standard practise and the only way you’re going to have people congratulate you on either is if your mentally disadvantaged.

Our whole society operates on a system of mutual respect, we all (for the most part) respect the rights of other people and expect the same courtesy from them. Being nice is part of that courtesy. The people who ignore those rules are on the very fringes of society, criminals, terrorists, drug dealer and people who talk in movie theaters. The vast majority of society acknowledges and respects that we all coexist and strive to make it tolerable by not being an insufferable dick. Not acting on our base impulses and instead, conforming to the unspoken rules we as a society have set. Being “nice”, to an extent, encompasses everything we do that is directly in contradiction to acting on impulse, queuing, not swearing in front of children, paying taxes. Virtually everything we do is just an extension of being nice in some shape or form.

So simply claiming to be a nice guy doesn’t make you special, it makes you human. Not being an asshole is one of the first things ingrained into us as children, don’t yell at people, don’t shit your pants, say please and thank you, don’t throw cucumbers at people. So if you’re a guy asking why girls don’t like you, while only listing being nice as your best quality, that’s why. If you honestly think not being a dick is your best quality, that’s not exactly boyfriend material.


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