See my debut on

If you’re not familiar with allow me to edify you. It’s a website that revolves around pranks and challenges. For example they recently asked fellow Cracked writer and owner of the only mane of hair I’ve ever been jealous of Jason Iannone to eat every kind of soup he could think of at once while watching the Super Bowl. Because why would they not ask him to do that.

My own personal debut on the site was a challenge to put every English thing I could think of onto a single plate and then attempt to eat the fucker. I don’t think I need to explain that my toilet bowl more resembled a Japanese flag than anything after this challenge. So if you’ve stumbled onto this site via Cracked and want some more comedy or simply want to know what I actually look like, I’d recommend clicking the shit out of that link. If only to see me cram 4 feet of sausage into my colon.


If you know what I mean.


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