Help Me Fix The World, Earn Money.

A few days ago I had an article published on charity, in the spirit of that article I offered to give 20 dollars away to one random person who followed me on Twitter. The person I chose astounded me by simply asking for me to use the money to get something for my sister. So I bought her a stuffed shark. Because fuck yeah.

Thanks, internet!

Thanks, internet!

So why am I telling you this? Well the response I got, coupled with the response I got when I asked if people would send my sister nice messages when she was unwell has led me to believe that the internet is full of people willing to do a nice thing for someone they don’t know.

With that in mind I’ve decided that once a month, or perhaps more if the idea takes off I’m going to issue a challenge via my website, Twitter and Facebook to do something nice for someone else. I will choose one person who completes the challenge at random and send them money for doing so.

My plan is that the incentive of a small token amount of money will inspire people to go out of their way to do something nice for other people, thereby making the world a slightly better place at nominal cost to myself. A cost I’m more than willing to shoulder if it means I’m making people happy.

If you have any ideas for challenges or comments about the idea, feel free to let me in the comments or on Twitter.

I’ll be issuing the first challenge on the first of March.


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