It’s Still Time to Fix the Entire World

Last week I issued a challenge to everyone this site and all of my social media connections can reach, to fix the entire world, with cookies. The idea was simplicity itself, all a person needed to do was give away some cookies or similar product to a stranger/s, send me proof and they’d be entered into a contest to win 30 dollars. I’m now proud to announce that the winner is, no one. No one entered the contest, not a single fucking person entered.

I had plenty of replies sure, about a dozen in total. Around 4 were from people congratulating me on the idea, 4 from people asking for additional details (who never replied to my answer) and 4 from people trying to guilt trip me into sending them the money with no effort on their part by promising to send it to charity.

The latter of which was something I took particular offence to since it assumed that simply promising to do something nice trumped, ACTUALLY FUCKING DOING SOMETHING NICE! When I lamented this fact via Facebook, someone hit the nail right in the face and pointed out that this may have had something to do with the fact people online are naturally lazy and shy.

With that in mind, I’m setting a new challenge for everyone and I’m making it as easy as I possibly can for people to take part.

To be considered for this weeks prize of 50 fucking dollars you need to: Share the work of someone who doesn’t get the recognition they should be getting.

I don't count.

I don’t count.

The internet is chock full of people creating awesome content and a large number of those people don’t get anywhere near the number of people viewing their work as they deserve. So I want to fix that. To enter this months contest, share the work of someone who creates original content you admire, I’m not talking about a Strokes video with 40 thousand views.

I’m talking about people who put in the effort to create content that you genuinely think should be viewed more. For example, this is a video by my friend Bennet Leung, he’s probably one of the best guitarists I’m aware of and the fact that his videos have little over a thousand views is criminal. Or this one by my friend Tom Scott, which at the time of writing this only has 43 views, which is fucking diabolical considering that his voice is like someone sticking a dick made of audible chocolate snugly into your ear.

I’m sure everyone reading this has a favourite blogger (I don’t count) or YouTuber who has nowhere near the amount of views you think they should have. So my challenge to you is simple, make that persons day by sharing their work via whatever social media you have access to, leaving a nice comment and then by sending the proof to me in a screenshot or something. I will choose one random entrant and send them 50 dollars and feature all examples sent to me in my follow up article next week giving said people more exposure.

Of course if you’re uncomfortable with being named or featured on my site, let me know and I’ll of course block out any identifiable information, not wanting people to see your face won’t affect your chances of winning.

People who make original content for the internet are vastly outnumbered by the people who consume it, so this challenge is aimed at giving such people the recognition they deserve and I can assure everyone reading this that a nice comment on something that’s not been seen by many people can really make your day.

I’ll announce the winner, if anyone actually enters this time in two weeks on 22nd of March. The contest is open until the 21st. Tweet your screenshots to me or email me at: Let’s fix the entire world already.


5 thoughts on “It’s Still Time to Fix the Entire World

  1. I am going to do both challenges! I will be sharing delicious cookies next week and I will share a screenshot right now (That doesn’t require to look cute and smile).

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