This is What Free Speech Looks Like

Edit: Warcorpse666 removed the video linked in this article. He removed it because of the amount of criticism he was getting. He removed a video criticising someone for not taking criticism properly because of people criticising him. You can’t write that kind of shit.

A few months ago I made a post bluntly titled “Why Freedom of Speech can go FuckĀ Itself” in which I basically expressed my opinion that if you have an opinion you feel strongly about, you should be willing to put your name and face next to that opinion.

It’s why every, single, thing you’ll ever see written by me will have my name, face and contact information right next to it. I understand that not everything I write will please everyone and that sometimes my opinions will be offensive to some people or just plain wrong, in which case I’m happy to explain my position and alter my opinion based on the new information presented to me. I believe in free speech, however I don’t believe that free speech means people can say whatever they want without consequence. If people say something stupid or offensive, they should be held accountable. So I’m going to do that right now. Because fuck some people in particular.

A few days ago, Anita Sarkeesian uploaded a video discussing the tropes of women in video games, I’m not going to discuss that because I’ve studied the shit out of gender roles and the media in university and because I’m also aware of and have written about how useless arguing with someone with a deep rooted belief is. Basically, if someone believes something, presenting evidence to the contrary or trying to convince them that they’re wrong only makes them think that they’re even more correct.

In short, arguing with someone about a topic as emotionally charged as sexism, especially if they belong to a sub-culture as internet savvy as gaming, is utterly pointless. That person has already made up their mind and nothing I say is going to make them change their mind. Which is why instead I’m just going to make fun of them. Because if I can’t change someones mind, I can at the very least make their offensively misinformed arguments make other people laugh. Because they just make me sad. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Warcorpse666.

Ladies especially.

Ladies especially.

Now if you’re not familiar with my blog, I’d like to point out that I’m not making fun of Mr Corpse’s looks. I’m making fun of his ideas, because he can change those. However, pictures break up the article and Mr Corpse has no problem showing his face online, so I’m assuming he has no problem that I’m sharing it here. Also, as mentioned, I think that it’s important for people be willing to put their face next to their opinions so before this article continues, here’s an unflattering picture of me that I encourage people to make fun of if they so wish.


Awesome. Now a number of people have already rebutted Anita’s video and I don’t begrudge them that, however WarCorpse666 irked me when he referred to Anita as a “fucking bubble living bitch”, (Edit: I’d like to point out that this guy removed his video because people were sending him abuse and criticisms, you know the exact same fucking thing he was taking a pot shot at Anita for.) referring to the fact Anita has blocked comments and likes on her videos. Though I don’t agree with censoring feedback, I do agree with filtering out assholes. It’s why on this blog I’ll gladly approve any comment about my work, so long as it doesn’t simply consist of an insult. Because criticism however harsh, is at least somewhat helpful, an insult has only one purpose, to make someone feel bad and I don’t agree with that. It’s why when I saw Warcorpse666’s video I just had to take all of the anger and bile contained in it and present it in a way that didn’t make me sad. So below you will find actual quotes from WarCorpse666 photoshopped onto pictures of kittens. Because I needed cheering up after watching that video and I don’t want to waste time writing a rebuttal when looking at kittens is going to make me feel so much better about myself. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading! Remember, if you see something online you don’t agree with, don’t argue with that person, all you’re going to do is make yourself feel bad. Look at pictures of kittens instead.


4 thoughts on “This is What Free Speech Looks Like

  1. I enjoy watching his videos because of how he represents himself and his amazing ability to call people stupid while never able to spell at all. For example, his video with the link that sent me here to enjoy this article.

    “So a new writer wants to take a potshot at the ol WC well please do your reshearch”

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