The Start of Something Magical

A few weeks ago I issued my challenge for people to change the entire world by being nice to someone on the internet they felt deserved more recognition. Today I’m going to announce the winner of the challenge and more importantly, the winner of the 50 dollar prize. But first, the runners-up.

For those of you just reading this. A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to fix the entire fucking world, and that the best way to do such a thing was to offer people money. My first challenge asking people to buy cookies for a stranger went down faster than you mother/sister/girlfriend (delete as appropriate). By which I mean, no one, not a single person entered. However, I’m persistent and soldiered on and issued a new challenge. To promote the work of someone you felt deserved it and send them a nice message, that was it.

The idea being that those kind words and extra views would make that person feel better. I’m pleased to say that quite a number of people did that. Like  Mr Andy Byrd who shared the work of one Mr Tom O’Brien. A man who once a week releases a unique piano composition video, you can find these videos, right the fuck here!


Or like this entry from Mr Chris Rio who wanted to support his friend’s fund raising campaign.


If you’re looking at this thinking, wait, all they’re doing is sending out a tweet, yes it really was that easy to enter. Of course people were free to do more, like Chris May who dedicated an entire Tumblr post to people he felt deserved more recognition.

Hell, people were even free to simply link to things their friend’s have done, like Stewart here who linked and promoted his friend’s awesomely named blog, 28 dates later. In which he tried to discover if all women everywhere are zombies.

Even lack of printscreen was no barrier to entering.

Even lack of printscreen was no barrier to entering.

However, there could only be one winner and the winner astounded me when I informed them about their win. Why, well, just read the reply I got when I informed them that they’d won.


I’m anything but a man of my word, so I’ve blocked out their name as per their request. As for their entries, they too astounded me by proving exactly what I set out to do. Now our mystery man up there plugged and sent nice messages to 4 different people. An artist who makes awesomely realistic drawings. A video game reviewer. A rapper. And an author. Now I was sent proof of all of these, but I’d like to share two images, because hopefully this will show exactly what I set out to do. Now our mystery man, in addition to plugging the work of these people also sent each of them a nice message, these were some of his responses.


4That, that is what I was going for. Those few seconds taken out of your day, those few seconds that make no impact on your life whatsoever if wasted, can be used to greatly improve the day of another human being with minimal effort.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how we’re going to fix the world. Tune in next month for another challenge!

For the cynical among you, here’s the receipt of me sending our winner their prize no less than an hour ago.



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