Why No One Will Ever Credit Me for The Most Popular Thing I’ve Ever Written

Edit: I honestly thought this was all done and dusted, but earlier today, Wil Fucking Wheaton shared the joke again, on Tumblr and it’s currently getting hundreds of thousands of views, AGAIN! For those of you who aren’t familiar with what the hell I’m talking about, I’m the original creator of this image.


Chances are you’ve seen it or at least an edited version of it. I’d actually, honestly be surprised if you haven’t seen the image above because it has been shared, tweeted, liked and reblogged millions of times. In fact, it is easily the best received and most viewed piece of writing I’ve ever done and no one will ever know it was me because some fucker on Reddit blurred out my name. For the record, at the time of writing this I’m a freelance writer and pages views literally pay my bills and feed me. If you stumbled across a blurred version of the image above, please share the original, or the version I posted to Twitter and feel free to tell the person posting it the guy who wrote the joke is super happy they liked it.

Below is the original article I wrote on this subject when it went viral the first time.

I’ve been writing for a while now and in that time I’ve had a few things go viral. For example, one of the things I’ve helped write for Cracked currently has 6 million views and counting. However, that’s something published through Cracked, they already have a fairly sizeable audience. The dream for all writers, or indeed any content creator is to having something they’ve created go viral purely off of its own merits. A few weeks ago I had that, and no one knew it was me.

To explain, a couple of weeks ago I made the following status update on Facebook. For those of you wondering if it’s something you can actually do in the game, no it isn’t. It’s a joke I used to tell when I used to do standup comedy and that day a friend and I were discussing the game and it reminded me about it. Since I was sure I’d never use it on stage again, I shared it on Facebook.

BGedt_1CYAAMfP3.png largeA number of people seemed to think it was pretty funny, so I decided to screenshot that shit and post it on Twitter too. I then promptly thought nothing more of it because I’m a comedian and I make a lot of jokes. However, a few days later someone posted on my wall letting me know my image was making rounds on Reddit, by which he meant it had gotten half a million views. None of which I benefited from because they blurred my face. My handsome (according to my mother) face.


Now from my comments up there, you could argue that it only got this many views because it was on Reddit, which gets millions of views per day. However, when someone posted the same image, directly to Imgur, it went viral again and got another 400 thousand views, there are STD’s that have a lower risk of going viral than that. So yeah it’s safe to say that if it had been posted straight to Imgur without my name blurred, a couple hundred thousand people would have seen my name attached to it and perhaps, you know, checked out some of my other work on which I get paid extra for page views.

But I’m nowhere near done yet, because after it made rounds on Imgur and Reddit, people started posting it to Twitter. You know, the same place I posted it first time, where it got hundreds of retweets via the various people posting it. But then, then, it hit critical mass, because after that it got posted on Facebook. Just for a second imagine seeing your own Facebook status, posted, on Facebook, by one of the people on your friends list. Because that’s what fucking happened. Then when I tried to comment on the photo, to say it was me, the person running the page got pissed about me promoting myself on it. You know, the same page that was using my Facebook status to promote itself, ON FACEBOOK! To be fair to the guy running that page, when I messaged him he did link my status at the top of the page. When 4Chan’s page shared in on the other hand, they weren’t so kind. Again, imagine seeing your Facebook status on Facebook, being shared by 4Chan and then having to explain that it’s you, by posting a link to Twitter. But that still isn’t the stupidest part.


Because it’s still going viral, right the fuck now, on Tumblr, and someone informed me, via Facebook, because at this point in time, all social media is just a blur. (For the record it’s also been on 9GAG, Pintrest and fucking anywhere else where original content goes to be flogged to death)

The most amazing part of this is that it shows that I have friends.

The most amazing part of this is that it shows that I have friends.

I’ve seen this image posted hundreds of times now, people are adding watermarks to it to stop other people from stealing it from their site. Hell the second time it went viral on Imgur some fucker in the comment section had a go at the poster because it was a repost, and as such, he was robbing the original poster, who you’ll note absolutely wasn’t fucking me, of views. II tried to explain this to my dad via text and now my phone needs to be repaired because cramming that much stupid into a single message caused it to commit suicide.

I’ve added up all the views and I’ve conservatively estimated that this status has been seen well over 2 million times, that’s more times than virtually anything I’ve written for Cracked (the biggest comedy website on the entire web) and by extension anything I’ve ever written for any other site.

So why am I telling people this, is it because I’m pissed that no one knows it’s me? Well, yeah, duh. But also because cutting out my name people missed out on the best bit. How I play SimCity. And that’s the real shame here.


So just for future reference for anyone reading this, if you ever see anything posted by me and you feel like posting it elsewhere, you don’t need to blur my face or hide my identity, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve always felt that if someone wishes to say something, they should be willing to put their name and face next to it.

I'm never going to live that one down.

I’m never going to live that one down.


2 thoughts on “Why No One Will Ever Credit Me for The Most Popular Thing I’ve Ever Written

  1. I saw it on Tumblr and showed my mom. She actually cried, she laughed so hard. It makes me sad because I love your work and though I don’t need reminding how awesome you are, it sucks that people are stealing what is one of the funniest things I have read.

  2. I always wonder why people blur names and faces in printscreens of comments from Youtube/Facebook or other websites. It’s public thing! If You posted something, everyone can see this.

    BTW! I never played Rollercoster Tycoon but now I think I will give it a try:)

    Greetings from Krakow, Poland!

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