Meet my Biggest Fan. Update!

Update: Warcorpse666, the subject of this article has made 3 videos criticising this article, in which he says that men only do things to get blowjobs from women. Suffice to say, I now, know that I never need to bother to respond to this guy ever again. Below is my favourite ever quote from him. Shine on you crazy diamond.

Never forget.

Never forget.

I get a lot of messages and emails about my work online, some are nice, some are critical and others are insane. However recently one person has proven that they are my biggest and most dedicated fan/troll by making not one but four fucking videos about me. To explain, a little while ago I wrote on article on this very website about Warcorpse666, a guy whose video response to a video about sexism in gaming I stumbled upon while on YouTube. Amazed at his mastery of the spoken word, I took some of his more choice quotes and labeled them as sexist.

Fast forward to today and WarCorpse666 has flat-out refused to admit that any of his comments were sexist and has made no less than 3 videos challenging me to prove it. One of which is 25 fucking minutes long, I have ex-girlfriends who haven’t spent that long trying to drag me away from my laptop to pay attention to them. This guy is like my god-damn shadow. I’d also like to point out that although these videos all challenge me to some sort of writing contest, I was never actually sent a link to any of them by Warcorpse666 himself. I was sent the links by others who’d came across them.

Below you will find the latest video in this series. Which, as of the time of writing this, had 40 views.

Since this is like the fourth video Warcorpse666 has made. And since he has so emphatically implored me to respond for the sake of my manhood, I will.

Now, Warcorpse has asked me to prove that he’s sexist and has said he will (using facts) prove me wrong. I’d like to point out that in the very video linked (the one where he states that he is unequivocally not a sexist), he makes a matter of fact statement (7:11 in) that women are obligated in some circumstances to suck a guy’s dick. Sure he used the example of a video game world to make that point, but judging by how often this guy spends on his computer, I don’t think he could describe an actual set of female reproductive organs if he had a velvet bag full of vaseline to use as a reference. So I’ll let that one slide.

Again, in the exact same video, he also calls a woman a bitch. If calling a woman a bitch and saying she should service your manhood if you do things for her isn’t sexist I honestly don’t know why I studied gender representation in media at degree level. Because yeah, I did that.

I graduated

They don’t just let anyone wear this hat.

Which is when it hit me, Warcorpse666 isn’t trying to argue with me about feminism, or sexism, I refuse to believe someone could challenge someone to prove they’re a sexist and call a woman a “bubble living bitch” in the same breath without causing the university to collapse under the density of their stupidity. Warcorpse666 just wants more people to see his work. He doesn’t give a shit about debating me on media sexism, his opinion on that matter is absolute. He wants someone, anyone to fight him so he can make a video about it, sit back and then watch as the 8 people who comment on his videos massage his ego by saying how right he is.


855 subscribers, 40 views. Seems legit.

You see, in all of his videos Mr Corpse has tried to make one point very clear to me, the point that, according to him, we have similar sized audiences. Sure his videos only get 40/20 views each and I have articles with views in the millions. But they’re just numbers on a screen, in terms of fans, in terms of people who will listen to our opinions and take them to heart, me and Warcorpse666 are supposedly identical. But we’re not and he knows that.

In the several videos linked, you’ll see this man literally shaking with anger at the thought of someone insulting him, you’ll see him use the word bitch so many times your Xbox Live account will be banned for profanity, you’ll see a guy call me every name under the sun in an attempt to bait me into an argument. Why? Because he wants attention and since he’s an unlikeable, misogynistic asshole the only way for him to get it is by being a bully.

By making videos full of drunken swagger, bravado and pot-shots at my masculinity, this guy has already elevated himself to a position where he can dismiss anything I say.

So I’d like to ask a humble favour of you, the people reading this. But especially those of you who happen to own a set of chesticles. Watch one of the videos linked in this post. Any of them. Even the ones about me being a huge pussy, those ones are great. And let me know if you, my fans and peers, think I was right to call this guy a sexist piece of shit for saying things like “if I programmed a game like that, at the end the princess would get down on her knees and suck that shit dry“.

I spent 3 years studying media theory and this guy doesn’t want to discuss that, he just wants to pick a fight he thinks he can win. So, let me know what you think of his videos in a comment. Because I have a theory that everyone will agree with my original sentiment. And I’ll be honest, pausing a video of this guy desperately trying to explain why he’s not a sexist with that knowledge, will likely be the closest I’ll ever come to owning a pet rock.

I will update this post with any comments this post receives as and when they’re made.

Edit: Here are a few from people who commented on Facebook. As I expected, people, women especially, are in agreement that Warcorpse is a sexist dick.

WarcccAnd with only half an hour of being live this article already attracted comments. Lets take a look at those shall we?

BethsOuch, I couldn’t have said it better myself. But what about the views, at the time of writing this Warcorpse’s latest video has been up for almost two weeks and it got 40 views before I saw it. My article has been up 30 minutes and I posted it at midnight.

StatsOh wow, so in 30 minutes I’ve equalled the views and comments Warcorpse got on his video in 2 weeks.

Edit 2: More comments were made while updating the original edit, here they are.


Edit 3: Even the Twitter peeps responded. I feel popular.

UntitledAnd if Warcorpse reads this, no, no I do not have to answer any of your points, no matter how much you think I should because as I’ve already said, you lost the right to any sort of proper response about sexism when you called a woman a bitch. 100% of the people I’ve quizzed agree with me on this. Go fuck yourself.


29 thoughts on “Meet my Biggest Fan. Update!

  1. As a card carrying female, I am reticent to give this guy any attention. But, I have no problem verifying that he is indeed misogynistic, most likely painfully lonely, and probably an asshole.

  2. Could we all take a moment to scoff in a very stereotypically British manner?

    This excuse of a man is a twit. I mean, the way he swigs that Bud just looks uncomfortable. Is he being endorsed for that? Besides the point.

    Resorting to using female orientated pronouns such as “bitch” and “pussy” as derogatory and insulting; alongside his skewed view based on his virtual experience of how females ‘should’ show ‘respect’ towards men (because, let’s be honest, he’s never ever received that ‘obligatory blowjob’, it’s a mere fantasy); teamed with his generally shitty attitude…

    Yes, he’s a sexist arsehole.

    But kudos to his persistent troll vlogging, it must take so much time and effort.

  3. I tried.

    I really tried Karl.

    but I couldn’t do it. i queued up one of his videos and immediately dropped at least 15 IQ points. He literally made me dumber in the brief moment I was exposed to him.

    I value my brains. And my free time, and just the thought that I could be doing something far more productive, like writing or reading or even shaving my face with a cheese grater forced me to close the screen, turn away and dry heave for a few minutes.

    I don’t understand why you would even waste your time on this… this… pile of excrement. He’s nothing. He desperately wants your attention, even though he has done nothing to earn it. Why would you care one iota what he wants or thinks.

    Ignore him dude. Let him seethe and rage impotently (And I bet the word impotent comes up a lot with this guy….) and just focus on positive stuff.

    There’s nothing to be gained here.

  4. He is so wrong he makes my vagina weep with rage. He’s too wrong to even pity. And if what he’s hoping for is a magical blow job that will make his sad life a little more bearable, he’s doing it wrong. Karl, you are so much better than this guy! Don’t even bother.

  5. Oh I just love it when balding men with beetroot complexions who cannot spell and live in their parents’ basement put me in my place!

  6. As a woman, I’m thinking: warcorpse is a douche, and he will never have a girlfriend or get out of his mother’s basement. As a mom, I’m thinking: his poor mother! He will never get out of her basement or give her a daughter-in-law or grandkids. As a human, I’m thinking: I hate that this prick’s view count went up (even by 1) because of me. It will make his head swell even more – and he already has a freakishly large head – could there be a medical reason for his douchiness??

  7. you really don’t know shit do you kid? i mean your fans are so freaking stupid. they don’t know shit on what is a good book and what is a bad book. and you refuse to face warcourpse666 in his challange which makes you more of coward than the feminist frequency. i will give her some credit. at least she doesn’t bother other people who living a professional life. you on the other hand wasted some company time on your own ego. Even if it was a satire the very idea that someone would go as far to bother someone else and have an entire book just filled with letters that might as well be in the garbage is just plain crap. Don’t look at your fans for an idea. man up twinkle toes.

    • Twinkle toes, a slur meant to demean a male as being too feminine. Because, anything feminine is an insult. So warcourpse’s fans are sexist as well.

      • *faceplam* you are such a moron. twinkle toes can be considered a insult or a compliment which by the way in this case this is an insult. why don’t you look up “real life”?

      • Exactly! Thanks for clarifying that you did mean this as a slur, just as I had thought.

    • I’m very sorry that you think I am a coward Atheistgamer, if only I could be as brave as you and call people fucking stupid and call women bitches and sluts with an account that didn’t have my name and face attached to it.

      No, sadly I will never be as brave or as successful as you or “warcourpse666”, I’ll continue writing articles for TopTenz, Listverse, ManCaveDaily, MediaShower, Today I Found Out, Gunaxin and Cracked and keep living off of the money those sources pay, wishing I could be like you.

      Wishing I could sit on my computer making videos ranting about the things I hate. Wishing I could muster the courage to start a dedicated hate campaign against a woman who once said things I didn’t agree with. Wishing I could then make videos calling her a bitch while drinking a beer while anonymous people told me how right I was. Wishing I could suddenly gain 40 pounds and a speech impediment so I could be just like you.

      I guess I’ll just have to live the life of a coward and a failure. Living in my nice house with my friends, spending time with my girlfriend and paying my bills by entertaining people via the words I write.

      But maybe one day, one day, I’ll be like you. A success. A hero.

      • I don’t call all women bitches or sluts in fact i realy do but when i do it usally because that person is either a slut or a bitch. And in the case of feminist frequency she is a bitch. A bubble living bitch. You don’t see the problem here kid. feminist frequency is spiting in the face of the gaming culture and the fact that you have no problem with that means you are no gamer at all.

        Aand you are not popular…if you were popular your fans will have trolled him by now but like warcourpse666 said. He is losing views when he talks about you. Is your all your fans don’t have a youtube account? or is the fact that you have to make up fans in order to even have a few veiws on your blogs?

        Either way you are still a coward twinkle toes and your fans are even more cowardly.

        I will be making my next video on you. And i am begging your fans to come in and join in the fun. I am sure they will be happy to show on how popular you are!

        …if you even have any fans at all. i like to meet your fans cause they seem like a smart group of people!

      • Here is my profile on On it you will see 50 articles, half of which have over a million views. That’s not on overstatement, see for yourself, literally millions of people have read my work. Millions, with like 6 freaking zeroes!

        Here is my profile on listverse. On it you will find articles with hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of comments.

        Here is my profile for Toptenz, a smaller site, yes, but still one that gets hundreds of thousands of views weekly.

        The only reason no one is trolling his videos is because I haven’t advertised them, except on Facebook, on which I’ve specifically noted that people shouldn’t troll. I don’t agree with it and have had problems with people I know being over zealous with that in the past. Plus, it is childish and dickish to do so.

        In this article there’s a link to a video on my YouTube channel with more views that everything on yours and Warcorpse’s put together. Because it was linked in a Cracked article, that is why my audience is bigger than his, because I have the ability to link things I create on websites that get literally millions of views and have a network of writer friends who can help me promote stuff to thousands of people directly if I ask them. Why the fuck would I advertise the video of some dipshit who doesn’t like me instead of things I’ve written on other websites? Why would I waste the valuable favours I’ve earned from friends I’ve made in the writing world to advertise someone elses work?

        Are you honestly saying you want me to put a link on a cracked article or something asking 400,000 people to all call one guy a dick? What kind of sociopath does that? This is my personal blog, I only advertise the stuff on here to a smaller group of people because I don’t get paid for it. I prefer to use my available methods of increasing my audience on projects I’m actually paid for.

        You and Warcorpse seem to be under the impression that the millions of people who’ve read my work do nothing but Google my name, people are only going to notice those videos if I advertise them, if Warcorpse’s videos about me aren’t getting views and only he is advertising them, whose the one with a tiny audience? When he isn’t using emotionally charged titles involving controversial topics like feminism his views rarely hit triple figures. I have an article on this blog about the fucking Power Rangers with 3500 views. You could take a running shit in a public pool and not have that many people notice something you did.

        By all means, make the video, I guarantee I’ll watch it. I’m actually upset you took down the video about my book, I was going to put it at the end of my next Cracked article to advertise why people should buy it.

  8. I like watching Warcorpse666’s videos on Feministfrequency due to his in-depth expertise in computer games and years of hands-on experience. Watching a regular guy proving Anita, a hard core professional, wrong with such an ease is simply refreshing and funny.

    As for the question if Warcorpse666 is sexist or not, misogynist or not, I’m completely positive that he is not. He has become a victim of your oversensitive attention, probably due to his looks, because seemingly and luckily you’ve never encountered a real sexist in your whole yet young life. You confuse an innocent guy with someone else.

    You are curious about examples of sexism and misogyny on Youtube? See the the manhood academy channel.

    No not to confuse with Warcorpse666. You see the difference is that the manhood academy claims all women are the same. Warcorspe666 on the other hand is simply having an argument with one single woman. If you count the latter, that is contradicting a woman, as sexism and misogyny then you yourself are becoming the cause of relativization of hate against women.

    Btw. your very own concept of sexism which seems to focus on calling a woman names, because that’s seemingly the only instances where you’ve ever encountered any hate directed towards women, is flawed. There is a lack of distinction between generalization (which can be found in racism or nationalism in particular) and actual aversion against one single person.

    You would like to find out what gamers, like Warcorpse666, think of Anita but you distrust a male voice or any male voice contradicting feminism for whatever reason. See KiteTales, Typhon Blue and InuitInua.

    • When a guy makes grand sweeping statements like “men only do things for women to get blowjobs” and “some women are cunts” that hints at a deeper, underlying issue that, that person has with women.

      Even if he does have a legitimate point, it is completely destroyed the second he opened his mouth. He isn’t having an argument with Anita, or anyone, he’s yelling at them and using their silence as confirmation that he is correct. He is an angry man and I found the irony in his videos about him being calm, rational and “for women” while yelling (direct to camera) “SOME WOMEN ARE CUNTS”. If you feel I have slighted him, I apologise, but I stand by my original sentiment that he is sexist. Not by your standards, no. But by mine and by the standard of the dozen or so people I asked, he is. You could say those people are wrong, but if people viewing the persona you openly advertise online make the instant jump that you’re a sexist, you’re doing something wrong.

      Sexism as you said is a broad sentiment to all women, however, Warcorpse’s first reaction to call this single woman names that have severely sexist connotations and grounding suggests that he is harbouring some sort of resenment towards women. This, coupled with his repeated references to the fact that all sexual encounters are based on obligation and expected reciprocation are textbook cases of someone having an unhealthy and damaging view of sex in general. Not to mention that his go to insult for me in particular is to allude to the fact I am gay or suggesting that I have feminine qualities. For someone to view these things as an insult would again suggest that they have some issue with sex, sexuality and gender.

      Again, you may not think he is. But, as I’ve said before, the second you use sexist slurs, in an argument about sexism, you lose any right to a proper response. It’d be like discussing racism and calling the person you’re arguing with “a fucking n****r” (I refuse to type that word). It doesn’t matter how good you think your points are or whether you apologise and reword your original argument. You’ve still shown everyone involved that you’re a fucking moron who doesn’t deserve the time of day. Even years down the line, you’ll still be known as the dick who called a black guy a racist name in a discussion about racism, and no one takes that fucker seriously. Ever.

      This blog has always been about me taking hurtful words and removing their sting to make them entertaining for others. Like it or not in his original video Warcorpse666 used offensive, sexist language and parroted stupidly sexist ideals and statements, he can try to play off his more dense quotes as jokes, but angry/drunk people speak with a sober tongue. I took those quotes (direct from his video) and presented them with commentary. It has nothing to do with arguing with him about Anita, or feminist frequency because nothing he has done has suggested I should take him seriously. And I never will because HE CALLED A WOMAN A CUNT, while trying to say he wasn’t a sexist.

      I didn’t give him attention because of his looks as you suggested, I gave him attention because one of his stupidity. And stupidity that brilliant needed to be shared. On my blog. An odd quirk of mine is observing how people use media and represent themselves online, it’s a habit I picked up in university. And Warcorpse666 presented himself as an insecure asshole with a superiority complex and sexist tendencies, the fact he’s made over 2 hours of video dedicated to demanding I argue with him about a subject actual, media theorists have written entire books about, thinking he’ll present me with new information only he has access to while repeatedly using gender based slurs doesn’t exactly convince me otherwise.

      Which is a shame, it’s a subject that greatly interests me and I’d love to discuss it in depth, I just can’t lend credibility in an discussion about sexism to a guy who CALLED A WOMAN A CUNT. My mother would be so dissapointed it would rip through time and circumcise the past version of myself out of spite.

  9. I wish i can reupload it. I really wish i did. Problem is that someone will remove it as soon as it uploaded because it somehow it violated the terms of service. it doesn’t tell me how it just tells me it does. I really do hope your will “advertise” my video on your blog. Cause these people need to open their eyes and know that wasting someone elses time is not funny.

    • Really? Wow, who’d have thunk uploading a video calling someone a dick and hosting their work without permission on YouTube would violate their terms of service. Some people eh?

      Hopefully people will open their eyes and realise that wasting people’s time isn’t big or clever. Hey, maybe they’ll check out some of your videos of you harassing feminist blogs. I know that they’re the furthest possible thing from funny or entertaining.

      • you don’t even know what the reason is! for all you know it could be flagged for harrassment or copyright!

        and also “Hopefully people will open their eyes and realise that wasting people’s time isn’t big or clever.”

        ahem…i recall your book containing a chapter you wasting some company time. looks like the pot is calling the kettle black.

        and there is a big diffrence between harrassing and speaking out my mind. i speak out my mind on these blogs. just like what i do with yours Karl. this pretty much proves you have a really large ego. even larger than your hero.

      • no he is not. if you find him hilarious then you must love disater movie because that what it is. it tries to be funny but in the end it focus more on making poor jokes then actually being funny. Karl book might as well be on a pile of crap.

    • nNo he is not. iIf you find him hilarious then you must love disater disaster movie because that what it is. it He tries to be funny but in the end it he focus focuses more on making poor brilliant jokes then and actually being funny. Karl’s book might as well be on a pile of crap hilarious pages.

      • Again must be a crazy fan girl of Karl. Oh do tell on how you are crazy you are for Karl.

  10. Why does he keep coming back after being humiliated? Does he not see how amusingly stupid he is, or os he deliberately.doing it to get attention?

  11. that is a legitimate statement i should be saying to you karl. Your ego is so freaking large. you can almost see it from japan! Also nice spelling there karl. i didn’t know it was hard for you to spell “world”.

    • You are absolutely adorable. You’re like a toddler screaming that all girls have cooties and that everyone else is wrong because you say so. Can you put your helper on the computer for a second so I can thank them for letting you use a computer?

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