Friends Forever, We’ll Stick Together

Over the past year or so I’ve posted on this website less and less and have included the email exchanges that made it so popular in the first place even less. Today I’d like to share a very special exchange. One with one of my biggest fans. Atheistgamer100 (Yeah, I know) has taken a particular liking to me after I wrote several posts about one of his friends. And spent a week or so arguing with people in the comment section of this very site, I decided to email him personally to straighten this out once and for all.

This is my new avatar for this site, it seems like the best time to introduce it.

This is my new avatar for this site, it seems like the best time to introduce it.

For those of you wanting some backstory on this, basically I wrote an article calling his friend a sexist, because he called a woman a bitch, then went on to say that if you do something for a woman, they’re obligated to do something in return. His friend has been trying to make me write a rebuttal to his video about feminism for about 4 months now.

Oddly, this friend has never once taken the time to read my original article about him, and note that I specifially refused to give my own opinion on the matter and in no way refuted any of his points that would suggest I wished to argue about them. The only thing I did was point out that he made his argument like an asshole and that calling a woman a bitch in a video about feminism was an irony so beautiful I wish I could bottle it and sell as unicorn bait.To date, this person has made several videos about me, the final one of which declares that he has won the argument, and that I will never make it as a writer. You can Google my name to find it, though you’d have to wade through the many links to the stuff I write to pay my bills first.

Pictured: Proof I'll never make it as a writer.

Pictured: Proof I’ll never make it as a writer.

This is the conversation me and Atheistgamer100 had about him screaming sexual slurs at women online. As usual, I’m in blue, the other person is in red.

To [redacted]

Subject: Hi there.

Greetings Mr Atheistgamer100.

I’m getting a little bored of responding to the many, many comments you’ve left on my site trying to insult me. It reminds me of having a paranoid girlfriend, in that I’m being fucked way less than anyone thinks. So I thought I’d shoot you an email.

Your many hurried comments on my site and the insults you’ve aimed at my other readers would suggest that you desperately want some sort of response from me, so here it is.  I assure you that you have my full and undivided attention. Please, explain exactly what it is you’d like from me? And please do it in the verbose and loquacious way to which I’ve become accustomed to seeing from you. You write the way I imagine dogs with a Russian accent think, it’s, cute.

Because I’ll be honest, all you’re doing at the moment is making yourself look really fucking stupid. When you leave a comment with a handle like “theatheistgamer” you may as well be calling yourself “thefriendlydaterapist” the only part of the name people give two shits about is the part where it suggests you’re willing to step on the feelings of another human being to make yourself feel superior.

When a guy with the last name “Smallwood” is telling you, your internet avatar’s name looks and sounds stupid, you know you’ve fucked up somewhere along the way. So what is it you want? I’m all ears.

I look forward to your response.

Regards, Karl Smallwood.

From [redacted]

Subject: Re: Hi there.

well it seems that you took your sweet time time sending me a email. that very kind of you. well that is a good question Karl my boy. What do I want from you? The same thing as any other person on youtube to see. I looked at your blog on warcorpse666 and it was sad that you bearly refuted him. In fact I can sum it all up when I say this “If you call a woman a bubble living bitch you are a misogynist no matter how you treat other women”. that was your argument the entire time.

which begs the question did you even watch warcorpse666 videos in the first place? My guess is no.

let’s all be honest here…you are just like onision. large ego…a brainwashed fan base…and it feels like i am facing a child.

So here the idea…instead of just ignoring the facts me and warcorpse666 have how about you start coming up with some actual points to counter ours facts that we have shown. heck make a youtube video about me if you have to, just bring up counter arguments. explain on why we can’t call femfreq a bubble living bitch.

To [redacted]

Subject: Re: Hi there.

I’d like to say I understand where you’re coming from when you say you feel like you’re addressing a child, but the only child I know is my sister and she has a better grasp of English than you, so the two experiences aren’t comparable at all. Save for the fact you both yell at things on your computer like you can effect them in some way. The only difference is my sister is 9. Not a fully grown man.

If you really need me to tell you why you shouldn’t call a woman a bitch, I don’t understand this argument. It has nothing to do with feminist frequency as far as I’m concerned. You’re using the word bitch, a word steeped in negative female connotations, specifically to address a woman because you know that, that word will cause the most offense. Would you call your mother a bitch? Probably not. I’d hope you call her a fucking saint if she honesly put up with a son who thinks that there is nothing wrong with using a horribly offensive word because they don’t agree with someone because of something they said about a video game, but I digress.

You want me to refute your points? No. Because as I’ve said about 12 times, the second you both opened your mouths and said things like, men only do things for women because of the obligation the woman will feel to have sex with them, or alluding to the fact I’m gay or effeminate as an insult. I knew that neither of you ever deserved a proper response on this issue, because you know what? You havent’ fucking earned one.

There’s a common theme online with people like you, people who think just because they make a YouTube video and have read a few Wikipedia articles on logical fallacies, that they’re an expert on a given topic and as such can demand that any author address them and their criticisms directly, regardless of how insulting of dickish they act.

You aren’t owed shit, you have to earn that stuff, and if you wanted a genuine discussion about feminism, or anything mentioned in the FeministFrequency videos, calling her a fucking bitch and saying that “some women are cunts” is such a bad way to do it I’m surprised your dick hasn’t leapt off of your body out of pure shame.

The second those words fell out of your mouth, every “fact” you had crumbled into dust and faded into the ether like a fart in the wind, or your sex life. And like your sex life, repeatedly saying the word bitch and spending a prolonged amount of time on the internet isn’t going to make it come back any faster.

Go outside and talk to some actual women,  form a rounded opinion and learn how to express it without people wanting to punch you in the soul. Then come back and make your argument again and this time, do it without being a shitlord. Then we can have a proper discussion, until then, this is just a war of words and considering that yours look like they keep trying to surrender on you. I don’t think you can win this one, mate.

To [redacted]

Subject: Re: Hi there

well that is sad to hear my friend because I know women who called other women bitches as well. maybe in the nieghborhood that doesn’t happen but where I live and just about everywhere else woman call other women bitches, sluts, or whore pretty much as men call women bitches or sluts. So if I was a woman and I called feminist frequency a bitch would that make me sexist?

Would I be racist if I was black and I call other black men “niggers”?

Think about it.

As a matter of a fact don’t because your brain is too tiny to even understand the outside world. You never even consider the fact that those “harassers” on the Internet who call her a bitch or a slut might be female. and I know a few female gamers because oh well DUH! I am gamer myself. you think I haven’t come across a female gamer?

And I never claimed that women are obligated to do stuff for their bf if the man did something “nice” for his gf but if you save her life from a army of fucking monsters then yes it would not kill do repay a little favor. perhaps you can feed the guy a little because you owe him your life!

It doesn’t have to be a freaking blow job.

So Karl all you have proven at this point that you just don’t want to face the criticism given to you. All the words you have said is just words from a coward. And it really nice that you compare me with your ex girl friends because yeah…it not misogynist to be some sort of pimp but it is misogynist to call one woman a bigot or a bubble living bitch

Editors note: Atheistgamer100’s friend claims point blank in this video (7:11 in) that women are obligated to do stuff for a guy if he does something for them. That was what I was reffering to. I consider both of them to be one person, as that much stupid shouldn’t be spread around.

To [redacted]

Subject: Re: Hi there.

I don’t mean to startle you, but just because something happens all the time in your seemingly-full-of-assholes “nieghborhood” that doesn’t make it ok.

If you were a women the situtation would be very different and not only because you’d have punched your own vagina into a wet hole out of necessity, just as the situation would be different if a white man called  black man a racial slur. It’s the inferred meaning behind the words that people take offense to.

And when a male uses sexual slurs, it’s different from when a female uses them, that’s not sexism, it’s human nature. Me calling a woman a bitch with the same vitriol and venom you have is different from a female doing the same, because when a girl does it there aren’t hundreds of years of sexual inequality behind it. The same as when people of differing races use racial slurs, they have to be wary of the meaning and inferred meaning behind their words in the context of the situtation they’re using them in.

And the meer fact that you’re in the mindset that any woman should owe you jack shit for doing something for her only paints you as the kind of person who bases their entire personality on which words they can read from the Men’s rights and Atheism sub/Reddits. The world doesn’t work on mutual obligation, people in ambulances don’t save your life because they expect you to cook them dinner, they do it because it’s the right fucking thing to do. If you’re in my country anyway, because we have free healthcare. Friends, or in your case careworkers, don’t help you pick up your Legos because they want you to touch their dick, they do it because some people are nice like that.

And yes, I’m well aware that there a number of female gamers who had problems with FeministFrequency, the difference is they’ve raised their points without being a shitlord. I’m also aware that a large percentage of female gamers report being harassed purely because of their gender and have personally been witness to the abuse they receive just by owning a sweet set of T-shirt candy. And it’s words like “bitch” and “cunt” being used by shit heads like yourself that cause the most offense purely because of the negative connotations those words have in relation to gender. They’re not gender neutral words and if you were truly as serious about this topic as you claim to be, you’d be aware of that and would avoid using them to make your arguments and criticisms seem worthy of rebuttal. Instead of making them sound like the dying screams of someone virginity being stabbed by a knife made of Reddit comments.

I will happily face criticism, but I’m under no obligation to address it, especially if it’s being made by someone who doesn’t take the issue they’re discussing seriously enough to understand that calling a woman a bitch, is a stupid fucking thing to do when trying to discuss sexism.

From [redacted]

Subject: Re: Hi there.

Then you live in a pretty small box don’t you Karl. Calling someone else a bitch is like an everyday thing. men call other men bitches, women call women bitches. All it is slang. Not a way to demote women.
Me calling a woman a bitch because she is annoying piece of crap and it seems that everyone including the females seems to think that she is a bitch then I say yes she is a bitch. It doesn’t make me a sexist. But in your head insulting a woman make you a sexist. that what you might as well be saying.

And I never claimed that she owes you anything if you do something nice for her. But if the gaming world was real I think the damsel does owe you if you save her freaking life. You owe that person your fucking life and again it doesn’t have to be sex. you can repay that person with help or money.

The people who are working at the hospital get paid to save lives. not to mention that you are expected to pay hospital bills you fucking moron.

If I saved your life guess what pal you freaking owe me. it not about women having an obligation it human in general that has an obligation.

To [redacted]

Subject: Re: Hi there.

Well I personally don’t have to pay hospital bills because I live in a country where healthcare pretty much the exact opposite of your dick, everyone has access to it without paying. My country operates on a system of everyone who needs help, gets it as and when they need it, because everyone chips in. Do you live in some crazy world where paramedics and doctors are only paid per life they save or something? Perhaps one where the word “bitch” has taken the place of the comma?

I’m glad you live in the mindset that people are obligated to reciprocrate acts of kindness, as it makes it more likely that anyone speaking to you for a prolonged period of time will realise they’re best off cutting their losses and never speaking to you again before you help them carry a heavy box and expect them to read your fan-fiction as thanks.

I’d like to imagine we live in a world where people are good and that sometimes people will do things just to be nice. Why just the other day a lovely young lady gave me an ice cream for no other reason than she had one spare and it was a hot day. We’d never met before and will likely never see each other again, in that moment that girl simply wanted to to make someone’s day a little more awesome. And I find that fucking amazing.

If you honestly don’t see the world in that way, as a place where random acts of kindness like that are possible. I think you have problems beyond anything we’re discussing here. If you genuinely believe that you live in a world where humans only act out of the understanding that they’ll get something in return. No insult I can think of will ever paint you as a more depressing person than that statement does.

I can see why you focus so much on gaming now. In that world people are obligated to interact with you, in this one people only do that if they like you.

Maybe if you tried being nice you’d find that people are a capable of more than you thought? People are better than you give them credit for. When I asked a bunch of people online to send my sister a nice message when she was ill, people responded in droves purely because they wanted to brighten the day of a sick child.

Not everyone is an asshole, it’s just the company you keep that’s made you think that.

From [redacted]

Subject: Re: Hi there.

you jumping all over the place Karl. are you even reading what I am saying? You think I am saying that if a person helps you out you are obligated to pay him back? never said that in the first place Karl. I said that if someone happens to save your useless life you owe that person you freaking life. it call pay back. but if someone just want to help someone and not get paid for it then fine. I can see why you relate warcoupse666 to your ex-girlfriend now. I bet if you had the power to take on an army of monsters and the big bad boss was to kidnap your girl friend my best bet that you are going to save your girl friend and not care if she doesn’t pay you back with at least a kiss. In fact i bet you are just going to allow her to walk all over you like some sort of rug.

Well you never impregnated a woman right? you do know that you have to pay for the baby right?

anyway, again maybe where you live is different but we pay money for hospital visits. they don’t do this shit for free.
you tell me I should stop acting like a total dick and yet when i saw some of your blogs all i could see was someone inflating his ego. I remember one where you twist some kids words about your book. yeah if that not being an asshole then I would love to see you act like an asshole. go on big boy. act like an asshole.

And thus, this post was born. The last email I will ever send Atheistgamer100 will be a link to the post, I’m sure he will comment, so I invite my readers to argue with him if they have a court order to spend time with the mentally ill. I on the otherhand won’t be. Because that’s an asshole would do.

I’d also like to thank everyone for the support they’ve shown for the email exchanges I’ve published in the past, this is probably going to be my last one I publish as I’m just too busy to keep them up now that I now write full time to pay my bills. I’ll be revamping this site to reflect my change in situation soon.

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Friends Forever, We’ll Stick Together

  1. Well you never impregnated a woman right? you do know that you have to pay for the baby right?


    I bet if you had the power to take on an army of monsters and the big bad boss was to kidnap your girl friend my best bet that you are going to save your girl friend and not care if she doesn’t pay you back with at least a kiss.

    You know, I happen to be reading about Captain Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger, III who saved the life of over a hundred people by touching down safely in the Hudson River and who walked the plane twice to ensure that every passenger made it off safely. He did not immediately ask the passengers to pay him for the fact that he landed safely or for checking to make sure they all made it off, he just did it because it was the right thing to do. The most recently crash in San Francisco had passengers freeing a trapped flight attendant without even seeking to be paid for it.

    These people did it because you help others. Now some people are not able to do so-it happens. Not strong enough, not fast enough, not trained or whatever…

    But if I was in a disaster, I would hope I would be more like Captain Sully and the passengers of Asiana Flight 214 and help others because that is what you should aspire to. Not the “only if you do something for me” way that theAtheistGamer does.

    Then, after, if I feel depressed, I will read Mr. Smallwood’s articles and laugh because not only do they cheer me up, they keep him fed long enough to make more. 🙂

    • you do know that at the end he gotten a reward right? It called appreciation.

      try it sometime it will make you more human.

      • So? That was not in his mind when he walked a sinking plane to make sure his passengers were safe. What was in his mind was “I hope everyone is safe. I better make sure.”

        That is the point-you demand someone pay you for your assistance. The rest of us are content knowing someone is okay after a trauma.

    • Again people saw him as a hero and apprecated the act of saving people lives at stake.

      It is in human nature to care during trauma. To hope that everyone is safe is just part of human nature. No one is gonna think to themseleves “Hey if i act like some sort of hero they will give me a medal!”. People who do something amazing have gotten apprecation and support.

      When you see superman saving the planet what are you going to do? just act like is just like it just a normal day and pretend that your life could have ended? if so you are one sick person.

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