The Video That Sums Up What’s Wrong With The Internet.

I’ve decided to post this here, because it’s something I feel strongly about because it involves two things I’m familiar with, video games and asshole customers. A few days ago at a midnight release of GTA V, some dipshit in the states tried to buy the game with a business card instead of ID. When the cashier gave him a huge “are-you-fucking-retarded” look and told him that he needed valid ID, he flipped his lid like an adult.

Yelling at this lady will show her I' old enough to play GTA V!

Yelling at this lady will show her I’m old enough to play GTA V!

Here’s why this video pretty much sums up everything wrong with the internet.Now after this lady told him, no, you cannot buy GTA V without valid ID and he threw his hissy fit, she jokingly, note that word jokingly, because it’s important, offered to give people his business card so they could call him stupid, which to be fair, he kind of was for trying to buy an 18 rated video game without ID.

After leaving the store the guy suddenly decided, hang on a second, that lady was rude to me, completely negating the fact he’d just been exactly as, if not equally as dickish in their previous conversation. Once he had it in his mind that this lady had broken the age old rule of not calling customers out on their bullshit, he stormed back in and demanded she give him her name and phone number so he can report her. After the lady realises he isn’t hitting on her in the absolute worst way possible she gives him her first name, only for the guy to say it isn’t good enough. I’m sorry, you have this ladies physical description, the store she works in and her name, that’s enough, dude. But I digress.

So why does he want to report her? Because she “threatened” to give out his private contact information contained on his business card. You know, the same business card he presumably gives out to people all the fucking time. But here’s the thing, this lady was obviously joking, she was angry and was just trying to get in a snide jab, is that okay for someone in customer service? Probably not, but put yourself in her shoes and tell me you’d act any differently. Tell me that you wouldn’t get pissed off if you went into work at midnight and some butthole walked in, ignored the one basic rule you had in place to make sure everything went smoothly and then got in your face about it like it was your fault. What that lady did wasn’t professional sure, but I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t agree that it was a perfectly human reaction.

But what about if this guy really was concerned that this lady was going to put his business card on the internet, what about if he really was concerned about his privacy? Well that’s bullshit because if that was the case he’d have taken issue with something a little more obvious, the fact he’s on camera the entire fucking time.

I didn't pull these screenshots out of fat, sweaty air.

I didn’t pull these screenshots out of fat, sweaty air.

The entire ordeal was on camera, and it’s not like he didn’t notice because the lady behind the counter openly says, to camera, “you have this all on film, right?” And the guy filming says yes. Now what do you think is a more apparent threat to your privacy, an employee risking their career outing another asshole customer, or the guy filming you lose your rag over a video game who is obviously going to upload that shit to YouTube the second he gets home?

I highly doubt that lady has 600,000 Facebook friends.

I highly doubt that lady has 600,000 Facebook friends.

If this guy was really concerned about his privacy he’d have asked the guy filming to cut it out, but he doesn’t, instead he walks up the cashier, makes up some bullshit about feeling like his customer rights have been infringed then threatens to get her fired. And here’s the thing, that lady apparently did get fired. Know what the guy got? His copy of GTA V!



So why does this video sum up everything wrong with the internet? Because it shows that you can act like an entitled prick and get away with it. It shows that being a human being and reacting angrily is okay, as long as you’re not the anonymous faceless service machine whose only purpose is to absorb abuse and spit out video games.

This video is proof that the internet is leaking in the real world, that authority figures aren’t seen as people with emotions or jobs or dependents anymore. The overwhelming reaction in the comments section of every article featuring this video is basically, “fuck that lady” or a more stupid, sexist variation thereof.

This video is proof that the most basic human emotion, anger, is only a valid response in situations when you’re on the right side of the counter. You may think that lady should have been fired for being unprofessional, but be honest with yourself, if there was a camera pointed at you when you were working, would it find evidence of you losing your cool? Because we now live in a world where losing your shit can get your fired and that’s a sad world to live in, because being angry at stupid people is like my favourite thing ever.


One thought on “The Video That Sums Up What’s Wrong With The Internet.

  1. Anyone acts like that at where I work gets a nice ride in an air conditioned car to a very not nice place (jail) because the judge does not like that.

    Sorry that lady got fired. I hope she gets a better offer.

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