“Pics of bugs and facts”, an article by my 9 year old sister

A few hours ago I got off the train and headed home to see my family, when I got through the door my sister hurriedly booted up her own, tiny little, butterfly covered computer to show me something. An article she’d written. Not for homework, but for fun. Yes, my little sister sat down and created researched an article on fun facts about bugs because she wanted to share how cool they are with me.

I was so impressed by the dedication my sister showed (I asked my mother and she’s apparently spent a week researching and writing this thing) that I wanted to reward her studious attitude and teach her that learning is fucking radical by getting her article “published”. Below is the article exactly as she created it, I thought about copy pasting it across, but the fact she went to the effort of using a different font and colour for every fact was too adorable to not copy exactly. So, if you’d like to make a little girl’s day, please read the article below and comment and share if you learned something. Even if all you learned is that my sister has a considerably cooler laptop than you will ever have.


Pics of bugs and facts! – By Jamie Middleton.

Jamie 1Jamie 2Jamie 3jamie 4jamie 5jamie 6jamie 7

If you enjoyed this article and would like to leave my sister a message, you can do so below, if you’d like to share this piece, feel free. You can either link this, or email me for a copy of her original piece.


16 thoughts on ““Pics of bugs and facts”, an article by my 9 year old sister

  1. Man, wasps are terrifying! I certainly did not know about the lady long legs! Thanks Jamie, you’re awesome! Please tell us if you find anything else, it’s really cool to read to some simple but yet amazing information like this!

  2. My mom always told me that daddy long legs were spiders. So I am glad that you wrote this article because now I can show her what a real daddy long legs is! But now we have to figure out what those spiders are really called.

    PS, I love your laptop!

  3. I love bugs! This is a great article. My favorite part was the cartoon ladybug in the beginning! He was so cute, he made me smile! Well done. Keep writing, you’ve got a great future in it.

  4. Be honest, Jamie, you help Karl with his articles, right? This was *very* impressive, well done. I can honestly say I had no idea that the Ladybug’s spots are camouflage, and I am interested in stuff like that. Did you know that they are insectivores? Some farmers buy boxes of Ladybugs and release them in their fields to eat bad insects. (I have butterflies on my laptop, too. You have excellent taste.)

  5. My favorite part was about the caterpillars getting fatter. I like how you decorated your laptop. Butterflies are very interesting creatures. You should try to convince your brother to take you to a butterfly house. Have you ever been to one?

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  7. I can really say that I learned a thing or two from your article Jamie. You have written a really nice and informative list. Would look forward to more write-ups from you in the future.

  8. “Its a cammaflge patten DID YOU KNOW THAT?!!”

    I didn’t, nor did I know about Daddy Long Legs having a sting. Good job!

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