I Have a New Website now, Go Read That Instead of This

Even though I haven’t updated this site in months I still get comments, a sizeable chunk of views and even the occasional email about my content. Which I guess I should be proud of since it suggests what I wrote was at least interesting. However since I have no real plans to ever go back to updating this site on a regular basis I wanted to invite people viewing this website to visit FactFiend.com. The new website I will be working on for the forseeable future, on which I will be dropping a bombtastic new fact every single day. Like this one for example, which will continue to be  the reason my autobiography will be called “Fuck cats”.


The site is fully staffed by myself and is updated every day with a new, bitchin’ fact researched and fleshed out with the same kind of humour and style you’ll find on this site. Only with Americanized spelling and less swearing, because apparently Google hates using language fucking creatively.

Basically, if you’ve stumbled across this blog because of one of the many dozens of links to it I’ve left scattered across the internet during my writing career wanting to see more of my work, please take the extra effort to click this link and support my latest project. Or stay here and enjoy this picture of me with the Frenchest looking fish I have ever seen. Either way, have a nice day and thanks for checking out my shit. It means a lot.



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