And You Thought Today’s Athletes Were Dicks?

Modern athletes have a reason to feel superior to us normal, not-able-to-punch-through-a-human-ribcage folk, mainly because they can punch through a human ribcage. And when you have the ability to do that, you’re allowed to walk around like you have the biggest dick in the room, even if you don’t.

However, I’d like to introduce you to Porphyrios, a Roman charioteer who walked into a synagogue and stabbed people at random, just because he could. He then walked out and was promptly arrested. Oh now wait, no one did shit, because when you’re a boss chariot racer people just have to let you be an asshole. There you have it folks, famous/powerful people being dicks isn’t a new thing, they’ve always been like that. The only difference is, hundreds of years ago they’d straight up stab you in the gut if they felt like it. Progress!

Pictured a charioteer and his stabbing knife, Lionel.

Pictured a charioteer and his stabbing knife, Lionel.

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Even sitcoms can be clever sometimes.

I loved the show My Name is Earl, I just found something oddly soothing about seeing a man with hair worse than mine on TV not being made fun of. However, even though I considered myself a fan of the show, researching this post for TopTenz made me want to grab the guy who wrote it and give him infinite handshakes for being so insanely clever. Then punch him for making me feel stupid.

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Friends Forever, We’ll Stick Together

Over the past year or so I’ve posted on this website less and less and have included the email exchanges that made it so popular in the first place even less. Today I’d like to share a very special exchange. One with one of my biggest fans. Atheistgamer100 (Yeah, I know) has taken a particular liking to me after I wrote several posts about one of his friends. And spent a week or so arguing with people in the comment section of this very site, I decided to email him personally to straighten this out once and for all.

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The One Question Online Atheists Really Need to Answer. Comic.

Every now and again I like to mix things up with a comic instead of an article. This week I thought I’d share my opinion on the one question that all the people you see online with the word “Atheist” emblazoned somewhere on their online avatar need to answer. In comic form. Below the comic is a brief explanation of why I felt that way when making it. The basic answer is I was bored waiting for Battlefield 3 to install on my Playstation.

DSC_0365This comic is mainly aimed at the kind of people you see on YouTube with the word “Atheist” somewhere in their name. The kind of people who genuinely believe that identifying themselves as an atheist is an actual substitute for any sort of personality. That simply by saying they don’t believe in God they automatically deserve the right to speak knowledgeably about an incredibly dense, academic subject some of the finest minds on the planet have pondered since the dawn of mankind.

I’m not saying that you can’t be an atheist or ask questions about other’s faith. But if you’re the kind of person who thinks that there is no God, that there is nothing but an endless abyss of nothingness to look forward to after we die and that the life we have right now is the only one we’ll ever have. And then proceed to spend that one life being a dick to other people because of what they believe in. You’re a fucking asshole.

Meet my Biggest Fan. Update!

Update: Warcorpse666, the subject of this article has made 3 videos criticising this article, in which he says that men only do things to get blowjobs from women. Suffice to say, I now, know that I never need to bother to respond to this guy ever again. Below is my favourite ever quote from him. Shine on you crazy diamond.

Never forget.

Never forget.

I get a lot of messages and emails about my work online, some are nice, some are critical and others are insane. However recently one person has proven that they are my biggest and most dedicated fan/troll by making not one but four fucking videos about me. To explain, a little while ago I wrote on article on this very website about Warcorpse666, a guy whose video response to a video about sexism in gaming I stumbled upon while on YouTube. Amazed at his mastery of the spoken word, I took some of his more choice quotes and labeled them as sexist. Continue reading

The 5 Most Stupid Displays Of Superhero Powers in Comic History

Every now and again I’ll have an article rejected after it was accepted and written, this is one such article for a new site I’ll be contributing to called, they changed the kind of content they were looking for so I thought I’d share it here. Enjoy.

Superheroes and comics have been a pop culture staple for decades, in that time many superheroes have become noticeably more powerful to cater to readers who are constantly demanding that their favourite hero surpasses themselves by uppercutting a person’s skeleton right out of their fucking body. Continue reading