Why Liberty City is the best fictional place to live.

When I get published on Cracked.com I like to update this site, since it was a little short notice, here’s a snippet from something due to be published on Knightsofgaming.com. All about why Liberty City is technically the best fictional city ever.

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Why the Colorado shootings prove we’re all terrible people.

I’ve never really liked doing topical things, since I like my work to have a timeless quality to it, like afros. Which is why I will only be using the recent, Aurora Colorado shootings as a framing device, you can easily replace Colorado with any other tragic event. If you’d like to read a piece of work about it, I highly recommend this piece by Kathy Benjamin. If you want to read why it’s events like this that prove we’re all awful people, read on.

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Internet adventures – the next step.

I’m finally wrapping up the final few things on internet adventure – the book. So then, I thought I’d post something from my next project which is tentatively dubbed “like a boss”. Which will hopefully be aimed at making several aspects of your life that little bit more awesome, using science and good old fashioned immaturity. Since almost all of my traffic comes from social networking I wanted to start, with Facebook.

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Help Karl, win money.

Basically, Internet Adventures the book is done!

Which means among other things I need artwork, which is where everyone reading this comes in, I’m offering a prize fund of 50 dollars for anyone who can produce the most fitting piece of cover artwork. However, if interest in this contest exceeds expectations the prize fund will increase to 75 dollars. Details are below.

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