“Pics of bugs and facts”, an article by my 9 year old sister

A few hours ago I got off the train and headed home to see my family, when I got through the door my sister hurriedly booted up her own, tiny little, butterfly covered computer to show me something. An article she’d written. Not for homework, but for fun. Yes, my little sister sat down and created researched an article on fun facts about bugs because she wanted to share how cool they are with me. Continue reading


The Video That Sums Up What’s Wrong With The Internet.

I’ve decided to post this here, because it’s something I feel strongly about because it involves two things I’m familiar with, video games and asshole customers. A few days ago at a midnight release of GTA V, some dipshit in the states tried to buy the game with a business card instead of ID. When the cashier gave him a huge “are-you-fucking-retarded” look and told him that he needed valid ID, he flipped his lid like an adult.

Yelling at this lady will show her I' old enough to play GTA V!

Yelling at this lady will show her I’m old enough to play GTA V!

Here’s why this video pretty much sums up everything wrong with the internet. Continue reading

Welcome To The New Internet Adventures Site

At the time of writing this blog post, I’m supporting myself fully with the freelance writing I do online. This website will now be a central hub for all of the work I do around the web which you can find by clicking the various links around this page. For the most part this site will be a collection of all the stuff I’ve done in the past with links to the work I’m doing moving forward. I’ve left my blog’s original archives up for anyone feeling nostalgic.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported my work over the years, this change of direction simply means that I have, for the moment, made it.

Thanks for reading, Karl.