The 5 Most Stupid Displays Of Superhero Powers in Comic History

Every now and again I’ll have an article rejected after it was accepted and written, this is one such article for a new site I’ll be contributing to called, they changed the kind of content they were looking for so I thought I’d share it here. Enjoy.

Superheroes and comics have been a pop culture staple for decades, in that time many superheroes have become noticeably more powerful to cater to readers who are constantly demanding that their favourite hero surpasses themselves by uppercutting a person’s skeleton right out of their fucking body. Continue reading


Comic – Internet Nice Guys.

I’ve recently found that dedicating time to my own site has become increasingly difficult, as writing has quickly started to become my sole source of income, finding time to dedicate to personal projects is becoming increasingly scarce. So I thought I’d try to express my views and opinions in a more succinct way, a way that’s easier to produce, while at the same time being a suitable vehicle for my own brand of humour.

I decided to choose comics, as they’re fairly popular online and infinitely more sharable than any written piece I could produce. Now my drawing skills are pretty lacking, so I tried to best represent the way my own mind works in image form, this is the same mental process I’ll go through before producing any piece you’ll see my name attached to and it’s a subject I’ve wanted to cover in-depth for a while but never had the time.
Internet nice guys. Continue reading