Video games that put insane detail into stuff you never noticed

Video games let you escape from the crushing monotony of everyday life by giving you the chance to become anyone, or anything you desire, upto and including a lizard who does nothing but steal other people’s shoes (that’s how I played Skyrim). If you happen to be a fan of video games, why not check out this article I wrote for Cracked, in which I list 6 video games that put stupid amounts of effort into details you probably never noticed.  Or just click it and immediately complain about me mixing up Fallout 3 and New Vegas like everyone else did.

This isn't from the article, it's an image from my in progress fan fiction.

This isn’t from the article, it’s an image from my in progress fan fiction.

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Maturity Isn’t my Strong Point.

A week or so ago I posted this article, in which I discussed how a fellow Cracked writer received death threats for insulting the comment section of the site and the subsequent backlash “true fans” embarked upon to destroy as an entity. Since that article went live, I too have been on the receiving end of some uncalled for abuse, most of it from one man. If you’re familiar with my site, or my book, you’re probably aware that my normal protocol is that I’d publish a post mocking that person. However, in this case, I honestly feel like it wouldn’t make any difference.

Because, here’s the thing, I’ve researched the ever-loving fuck out of this person, no really, I spent hours tracking every comment they’ve made across multiple sites to build up a workable image of this person I could share with you guys (because when I do something, I do it right, ladies). This information is now sat in a folder on my desktop, I even went to the effort of changing my background so it looked like a cow was totally grooving on the sweet nectar of my e-hatred.


However, the image I built up, was of a man who leads a life so cripplingly depressing that I simply couldn’t bring myself to mock him, because nothing I could ever write about him would ever sting more than the realisation that he’s stuck the way he is. And considering some of the other stuff I’ve published here, that’s just sad.