Friendship is Magic

When it comes to trolling there are two schools of thought.

1. You either ignore the troll and rob them of their audience or …

2. You can display their idiocy for the world to see, giving them an audience, but completely robbing their insult of any potency.

I personally (and rather obviously) prefer the latter, since even if a trolls insult personally gets to me, by mocking them and republishing the results here, the trolls attempts at an insult entertains people instead. And that to me is worth it. Recently, a friend of mine got a whole bunch of shit on Facebook from a guy who disagreed with what something he’d written. Normally I wouldn’t do anything, but then I saw that this guy insulted his girlfriend, so yeah, if people who aren’t involved with this can join in, why couldn’t I? Also, my friend looks like he should be selling expensive knives on late night television, so I couldn’t not do this.

Really expensive knives

Really expensive knives

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