Karl vs The World Pt 1. Kathy Benjamin and her new book.

Welcome to a new feature of Internet . Ihe last few weeks I’ve been in contact with a few friends from Cracked and the other sites I write for. Basically this feature will function like the ever popular emails I used to launch my site 3 years ago, only instead of exchanges with people who hate me and can’t spell, they’ll be exchanges with people who hate me and can spell.

This weeks it’s Kathy Benjamin. One of Cracked’s most prolific writers and the person who inspired me to start writing in the first place, we were discussing her new book. Enjoy!

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A drunken interview, with myself.

It’s said that a drunk person speaks with a sober tongue. That’s a saying I’ve taken to heart and as a result, I devised and completed a simple experiment. Below you will find a list of questions I wrote while sober, answered by myself when I was drunk. Enjoy.

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