Why Freedom of Speech can go Fuck Itself

As someone who now makes the majority of his living online, I’m exposed to internet culture far more than most. And there’s on argument I’ve seen more often that who’d win in a fight between Superman and Batman, the issue of free speech. I wanted to make my position on this issue clear, fuck free speech, or at least the idea of it I’ve seen online.

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Why the topless Kate Middleton photos prove we’re all terrible people.

If you’re clicking this to see the actual pictures, fuck you, they’re not here and I’m not linking to them, but at the moment they’re easier to find online than Nigerian princes and wang enhancement pills, so, yeah, Google that shit. What I’m instead doing is explaining why the pictures themselves highlight something bad about society today.

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Why the Colorado shootings prove we’re all terrible people.

I’ve never really liked doing topical things, since I like my work to have a timeless quality to it, like afros. Which is why I will only be using the recent, Aurora Colorado shootings as a framing device, you can easily replace Colorado with any other tragic event. If you’d like to read a piece of work about it, I highly recommend this piece by Kathy Benjamin. If you want to read why it’s events like this that prove we’re all awful people, read on.

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