Doing Somebody a Favour.

Today marks an important day on the American calendar, election day! And as a Brit I fully respect both sides and their respective candidate. One person though, didn’t share this feeling and felt moved to delete me on Facebook because I was friends with people who supported both Obama and Romney. Now I promised myself that I’d never use my site again to publically out someone for being a dick to me, luckily, this guy was a dick to one of my female friends. So I’m perfectly free to write about him here. Science!

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A winner is you, maybe.

Last week I announced that my computer had sadly died, leaving me without the ability to post as I normally would. So I instead gave the ability to create content for my site to you, the audience and I now have a winner. I was sent a lot of emails, I received everything from pictures of boobs to a list of racist words, so yes, the bar was high. However the winner is I feel very deserving, if only because it may result in me getting sued and arrested.

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