A Year in The Life.

Last year I had a fairly simple New Years resolution. Basically I had a self set goal to do, say, notice, comment upon, write or create one thing each day that would make another person laugh. It’s my opinion that making someone laugh makes the world a better place and any day in which I made someone’s life slightly better, even for a second, could never be considered a waste. With that in mind, here’s a collection of some of my favourite moments and jokes from this year. If I can squeeze even one more smile out of people with these, I’ll consider this year a win.

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Call yourself a man?

A few weeks ago I published this article, in it I briefly discussed mens rights, however I mostly discussed a really stupid guy who thought saying things like “i also treat girls like objects, though most attractive girls don’t seem to mind” in an actual public forum would net him something other than virtual kidney punches.

It seems though, that I know nothing about mens rights and one lone hero out there wanted to enlighten me.

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